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  1. world traveler and former ceo's Avatar
    OT: PSDV and ACAD report quarterly results this week... buy, sell, hold??? Any thoughts...

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    05-04-15 08:08 PM
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    OT: PSDV and ACAD report quarterly results this week... buy, sell, hold??? Any thoughts...

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    BBRY stock holders and other Stocks diversification-psdv-6mon-20150504.png
    we are below the MA200 and MA50 so if I wanted more I'd be looking at it now. but who knows what the report will be.

    Though EPS growth at PSDV is improving, it is still below the industry average. The most recent EPS was $0.32, an increase of 156.06% over the previous year.
    PSDV has a PE ratio of 12.60.
    PSDV has one of the highest ROEs of all companies in the Biotechnology & Drugs industry. Breaking down the ROE, PSDV has a profit margin of 36.77%, an asset turnover of 92.17 and leverage of 1.24.
    This company does not pay a dividend but it has no debt.

    I'll hold what I have and play the waiting game.
    05-04-15 08:18 PM
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    BBRY stock holders and other Stocks diversification-sphs-6mon-20150505.png
    After falling off a cliff last December and sitting in irons until March the SP started to move up as the MA50 finally caught up with it. Since then the SP has started to slowly improve with the MA50 acting as support (currently at 0.68USD). 1.00USD appears to be resistance. a hammer event happened on May 04 as the SP approached the MA50, a short term bullish event.

    because SPHS is below 1.00/share it is under review as a listing on the Nasdaq which might spook some investors. the company has a book value of 0.87USD and has been losing money since 2012 with current expectations to continue losing money until 2018 although at an ever decreasing rate.
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    05-05-15 08:36 PM
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    OT for those interested in IoT files and TESLA Batteries:

    Tesla Powerwall: Facts about the Battery System
    Strom-Report | Statistiken & Infografiken: Energie & Umwelt

    The Tesla home batteries will initially go on sale in the US in late summer and are already sold out until Mid-2016.
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    05-10-15 07:13 PM
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    So, just doing a Factcheck fellas.

    Can we safely say that if the other stock thread goes too OT, that we can rely on this group to bring us back on topic?

    05-10-15 07:32 PM
  6. doctor gonzo's Avatar
    05-12-15 08:58 AM
  7. world traveler and former ceo's Avatar
    Stock up 5+ percent pre market today...

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    05-12-15 09:05 AM
  8. q649's Avatar
    Actually, for PSDV it's a very active pre-market, with 7k shares traded as I write this.

    0.00 (0.00%)
    Pre-market: 4.15 +0.29 (7.51%)
    May 12, 9:15AM EDT

    Vol / Avg. 7,000.00/61,595.00
    05-12-15 09:16 AM
  9. bspence87's Avatar
    For the other solar investors on this board:

    SLTD posted it's first quarter earnings after market close on Friday. Revenues were slightly short of expectations of $7million, coming in at $5.7million, but still increased by 440% YoY.
    They also said they ended the quarter with a $15million in backlogged orders, because they were unable to hire installers fast enough.
    Also of note, they were only able to count 1 month of their newest acquisition (MD Energy) revenue, but MD had a record sales month in March of $2.1million.

    The one red flag around the company seems to be the promissory notes, which have complicated terms for conversion, but according to the company, all the related fees have been paid off in this quarter, with only minor (1-2%) stock dilution remaining.

    The company reiterated it's guidance of $40-45million revenue for the year. Which means an average of $12-13million per quarter, or an increase of 200-225% QoQ. They expect to make two more acquisitions this year to help achieve this goal.

    Their first ever conference call is scheduled for today after market close to discuss the results and future of the company.

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    05-18-15 10:25 AM
  10. world traveler and former ceo's Avatar
    OT: couple of biotechnology stocks performing well of late:


    Is it too late to buy?, lol.... will follow anyway ...

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    05-18-15 08:59 PM
  11. 3MIKE's Avatar
    OT: couple of biotechnology stocks performing well of late:


    Is it too late to buy?, lol.... will follow anyway ...

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    I've read that HALO is going up to 27,00 so I guess it's not to late. I got back in at 15,40, there's good news, so I'm crossing my fingers
    05-18-15 09:16 PM
  12. bigbadben10's Avatar
    Thoughts on Ampio Pharmaceutical would be appreciated. The current lawsuit seems to be a bit of a red herring to me. Cheers all.


    Posted by my fabulous red Passport
    05-20-15 11:33 AM
  13. Bacon Munchers's Avatar
    Say, anyone in Sierra Wireless?
    Looks to be poised for a lift again.

    I set an entry point this eve. See if it hits tomorrow morning.
    05-21-15 01:46 AM
  14. doctor gonzo's Avatar
    SPHS is all over the place today!
    05-21-15 02:29 PM
  15. StormieTwo's Avatar
    BB10 4 ME
    05-24-15 01:00 PM
  16. StormieTwo's Avatar
    BB10 4 ME
    05-24-15 01:00 PM
  17. 3MIKE's Avatar
    Cancer breakthrough targets sugar to enhance treatment: HALO CEO:

    06-01-15 12:21 PM
  18. rarsen's Avatar
    Talks about GE, Solar and Batteries:

    What GE's CEO Jeff Immelt learned from Elon Musk - Fortune
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    06-03-15 10:25 AM
  19. rarsen's Avatar
    OT from the Related Technologies file:

    Elon Musk and his Companies [Slideshow] - NASDAQ.com
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    06-08-15 08:26 AM
  20. 3MIKE's Avatar
    Is SPHS gearing up for another rally ?
    07-15-15 07:35 AM
  21. exiledcanadian's Avatar
    Is SPHS gearing up for another rally ?
    Q2 results should be coming in the first half of August. Last two were positive surprises. Let's hope that trend continues.
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    07-15-15 11:33 AM
  22. exiledcanadian's Avatar
    Just in case anyone is invested in this, SPHS is up over 10% today. Earnings and conference call tomorrow.

    Edit: earnings not announced yet. Source on StockTwits didn't indicate it was an "estimated" date. Sorry about that guys. It is coming soon though...
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    08-05-15 03:23 PM
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    I include a Morgan Stanley analysis on the Energy Sector, though some question quality of some of their staff (with grossly inaccurate comments on BB). They used to leave me indecisive, now I'm just not so sure.

    Morgan Stanley sees power, utility names benefiting from Clean Power Plan
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    08-13-15 02:29 PM
  24. 3MIKE's Avatar
    It seems QR were good for SPHS ! ?
    08-14-15 09:30 AM
  25. exiledcanadian's Avatar
    It seems QR were good for SPHS ! ?
    Results were announced yesterday: Conference Call Transcripts
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    08-14-15 12:10 PM
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