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  1. morganplus8's Avatar
    OT: PSDV

    So we got some positive data from another one of this thread's darling stocks yesterday, PSDV:

    pSivida’s Durasert™ Three-year Treatment for Posterior Segment Uveitis Successfully Achieves Primary Efficacy Endpoint in Second Phase 3 Study

    The market reacted to the news with a massive selloff on high volume. Makes perfect sense, right [sarcasm]?? Anyhow, this article did a nice job summarizing why the market reacted this way:

    Morgan, if you have the time, I'd love to know your feelings on these events. I know you're in this trade too, so I hope yesterday's drop doesn't compromise the demanding lead your portfolio is taking over your wife's because of BBRY's success. Personally, I'm using the opportunity to pick up more cheap shares (probably more than I should own, but what the heck).

    EDIT: If I may make this a two part question.. would you mind updating us on what's happening with SPHS these days as well? Merci beaucoup!!
    I do have a large position in PSDV, I'm adding more to my holdings as I believe the news is very good. I see this one getting taken out as its main play. No one knows about it, it is the smallest of micros out there and they aren't sexy at all. Still, they have a proven delivery system and Bausch/Pfizer or someone like that will step in one day. I have mentioned before that it is during times of news that large holders of a stock, one that doesn't trade in volume the majority of the time, tend to make their trade, whether it is good news or not; if they want out now is the time to sell. In short the news is great so I'll do what I always do and buy some more shares and forget about it.

    As for SPHS - they have their first patient in a two dose process now. This trial will not be reported on until the end of Summer at the earliest so there is no need to front run the stock. Big money really don't care what the price of the stock is until they are ready to pump it. If it drifts down to crazy low levels, that just means their average and hence their profit will be that much higher when it comes time to pump. I'm watching it carefully because I'm in the process of buying more now. I have to buy the stock without the sale of BBRY as the BlackBerry story is becoming far too interesting for me to be selling.

    And now BlackBerry, we dropped back to support and now we are doing the same thing as we did yesterday, waiting all day for the close to rally us into a better position to try to turn positive tomorrow. We are trading on pure TA now and it still looks great, boring but great! We made the weakest attempt to rally today so lets regroup for tomorrow, or, at least wait to see what the Feds do this afternoon.
    06-14-17 12:45 PM
  2. morganplus8's Avatar
    Here is my 3-minute chart going into the Fed decision:

    The BBRY Café.  [Formerly: I support BBRY and I buy shares]-bbry-june-14b-2017.png

    You can see the uptrending baseline and our downtrend from today. The volume barely exists right now but we are set to decide which direction we will go. It's the Fed's call now. GL
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    06-14-17 02:03 PM
  3. Mr BBRY's Avatar
    Thanks for your response and the peace of mind. I too can't help but buy when my parameters are met. Those parameters are simple; strong management / underlying value in the company / a viable path to success / solid financials to execute that plan - all followed by ridiculous non-sensible market selling. Once I find the right pick, I just buy on dips until the market realizes the true value. So far, its working (E.g. BBRY)!

    The BBRY Café.  [Formerly: I support BBRY and I buy shares]-ibb-2y-chart-6.14.17.png

    If I may continue to pick your brain (no pun intended)... how are you feeling about the Biotech sector as a whole? It just can't seem to make that breakout I've been looking for for many months, but I'm hoping it may be near. I recall your explanation a few months back about how money flows cyclically through different sectors, but I'm patiently waiting for it to flow back to biotech. I was a little late to the 5 year bull run that sector was on from 2010 - 2015 and want to make sure I catch the next wave. What indications should I look for to time this? Many thanks once again for your help!
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    06-14-17 02:08 PM
  4. kellyweng88's Avatar
    oh boy, I guess the market didn't like the Fed's decision...
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    06-14-17 03:14 PM
  5. morganplus8's Avatar
    oh boy, I guess the market didn't like the Fed's decision...
    You are supposed to hold the stock price up! The NAS took a dump, AAPL took a big dump, and so we finally got to my weekly support line! Now, we need to hold that one and settle down. If John Chen could make a statement to the effect that we have nothing to do with Apple, we could rally hard on that news ................................

    The BBRY Café.  [Formerly: I support BBRY and I buy shares]-bbry-june-14-c-2017.jpg
    Last edited by morganplus8; 06-14-17 at 03:44 PM.
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    06-14-17 03:33 PM
  6. bapebape's Avatar
    Good time for a eat all you can buffet !! cheap !!
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    06-14-17 03:59 PM
  7. Corbu's Avatar
    Jun 14, 2017 - WATERLOO, ONTARIO--(June 14, 2017) - BlackBerry Limited (NASDAQ:BBRY)(TSX:BB) will hold its Annual and Special Meeting of Shareholders on Wednesday, June 21, 2017 at 10 a.m. ET in Waterloo, Ontario. A live webcast can be accessed at
    06-14-17 08:00 PM
  8. Corbu's Avatar
    06-14-17 09:41 PM
  9. Corbu's Avatar
    BlackBerry joins UK start-up to monitor WhatsApp chat
    Technology allows banks to record trader messages before they are encrypted
    06-14-17 09:42 PM
  10. jsocan's Avatar
    Found the KEYone release schedule via a Japanese site. KEYone will be released in China in early July, after Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia and Australia getting KEYone this month.,1280
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    06-15-17 03:32 AM
  11. Rico4you's Avatar
    Yes had seen that document on another CrackBerry thread. Looking at it surprised how many EU and others countries missing from there. Could be they are still negotiating carrier distribution?

    Posted via CB10
    06-15-17 04:20 AM
  12. W Hoa's Avatar
    Historical note: For those who remember Kik messenger

    Two guys left BlackBerry and created their own messenger application...Kik. It duplicated many BBM features. BlackBerry wanted to sue but, if I recall, didn't. Kik had, initiallly, a big impact in North America....but times change.

    Messaging application Kik Interactive revealed last month that of the more than 300 million people who’ve ever downloaded the app, only 15 million still use it on a monthly basis.
    06-15-17 06:20 AM
  13. W Hoa's Avatar
    On the matter of messaging software such as BBM:

    In January, Slack debuted an enterprise version of its chat software that allows tens of thousands of employees to collaborate across teams at major corporations

    Slack has 5 million daily active users -- 1.5 million of whom pay to use the service -- and had $150 million in annual recurring revenue as of Jan. 31

    Slack raised $200 million in its latest funding round in 2016, valuing it at $3.8 billion

    Slack is considered a takeover target....A deal could give San Francisco-based Slack a valuation of at least $9 billion
    06-15-17 06:43 AM
  14. masterful's Avatar
    Historical note: For those who remember Kik messenger

    Two guys left BlackBerry and created their own messenger application...Kik. It duplicated many BBM features. BlackBerry wanted to sue but, if I recall, didn't. Kik had, initiallly, a big impact in North America....but times change.
    I wonder why would they revealed that...
    06-15-17 07:31 AM
  15. Corbu's Avatar

    The BBRY Café.  [Formerly: I support BBRY and I buy shares]-bbry_rbc_0617.png
    06-15-17 09:54 AM
  16. Corbu's Avatar
    Blackberry’s BBM is moving from on-site data centers in Canada to Google Cloud in Asia

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    06-15-17 12:05 PM
  17. Andy_bb_king's Avatar
    Blackberry’s BBM is moving from on-site data centers in Canada to Google Cloud in Asia
    Just a thought on this that this move will also reduce significant cost for BlackBerry and increase its bottom line because the cloud expenses will be paid by Emtek from then on.
    06-15-17 02:31 PM
  18. Rico4you's Avatar
    Most definitely. As BlackBerry fuels heavy growth in Asian market offering a totally FULL social network service beyond just pure messaging. Direct impact on site servers so moving to cloud based allow for constant server needs be covered and as mentioned at an important cost savings. JC another good chess move!
    06-15-17 02:47 PM
  19. jsocan's Avatar
    @Rico4you Most likely the list is not complete or out-of-date already. Netherlands is not on the list but KEYone was just launched there. If the list is accurate for the Asian destinations, the key take-away would be, with TCL's reach, KEYone marks the return of BB phones to Japan (on June 29) and the first time they are directly sold in mainland China. The opportunities in these Asian countries will not be the vast consumer market (pkb is no use to them as they rather have a large screen to hand-write in their langauges when texting) but the business crowd that need to communicate with foreign business partners/co-workers, which will still be significant. KEYone may even open the door for introducing a most-secured Android touch-screen BB phone to the consumers in these countries in the future.
    06-15-17 03:46 PM
  20. ZayDub's Avatar
    Simple summation of why BlackBerry is a buy now...

    I've had a long-standing love/hate relationship over the years with BlackBerry Ltd. (TSX:BB)(NASDAQ:BBRY). I can proudly proclaim that I've been an avid user of the company's smartphones for well over six years, only recently surrendering my BB10 ...
    >>>Related articles:

    from Android Stocks App
    06-15-17 04:07 PM
  21. morganplus8's Avatar
    Yep, even on days when it looks like it will never stop going down, we have charts:

    The BBRY Café.  [Formerly: I support BBRY and I buy shares]-bbry-june-15b-2017.png

    This is my "establish the lines and walk away 3-minute chart" where I try to figure out early where the stock will go and set my lines. It turned out to be a good indicator today as we formed the channel and rallied into it to the top of the range at the close.

    Now let's look at my weekly chart:

    The BBRY Café.  [Formerly: I support BBRY and I buy shares]-bbry-june-15-2017.jpg

    We were pressured to break the uptrend line early in the trading session but the stock found its footing and forgot about the NAS and AAPL and headed back up. Let's end this misery and rally tomorrow!
    06-15-17 05:19 PM
  22. Corbu's Avatar
    It's so nice to have you around, Morgan...

    Myself and others can't thank you enough for your expertise, your dedication and your faithfulness to this thread.
    06-15-17 06:50 PM
  23. morganplus8's Avatar
    It's so nice to have you around, Morgan...

    Myself and others can't thank you enough for your expertise, your dedication and your faithfulness to this thread.
    That is just not fair, you need to say the same thing about so many others here, the founder of this thread has worked so hard to make it as pure a play as it is, Superfly gets my vote all day. Then there is of course, yourself, I don't know how you do it, excellent information, unbiased & timely too. There's a long list of names, like Rarsen, our go to person for security, W Hoa, we get all of the information that might go missing there, I could name tons of contributors here. I have always said that I'm trying to keep my membership going in this exclusive club, nothing more. Well, there is one mission I have held since the days when I personally heard from CB members who were hurt by this investment. I decided years ago to stick with the thread until all of those who were under water experienced a profit in BBRY. I think that's why I didn't leave the board, I've been there too and know what it's like to lose some money so I can get behind a process that helps these investors find their way back, whether it is with BBRY or any other name. I break the rules to see if we can accelerate the chance to return those funds to our faithful as soon as possible. This wouldn't even be possible without the Mods looking the other way would it?

    I've got to hand it to Superfly, back in my early days of CB, I saw this thread and dismissed it right away, then, I kept seeing a real effort on his part to make it something special and so I reluctantly joined in and the rest is history. (Before I joined this thread I had about 30 "likes" now I have over 100 .... all from this one thread, amazing support here)

    The Mods played a large part in making this a pure play, go to source, for all things breaking BlackBerry, and Superfly, worked it on the technical side making it interesting to ponder what could be next for BlackBerry. Today we have the support of the best out there commenting and supporting this thread. I often think that if I ever get my stuff together health wise, I would start an investment company but it would have to include just about all of you as partners! To be clear, I would never consider hiring any of you as then you could easily leave, and that's not a good option, and, it's demeaning in a way. I learned one important thing in life about running a successful business, you can't do it alone and this thread is an example of what I mean. If I may say, Superfly likely wouldn't have had the success he has had with this thread if it weren't for all the important "other" players that he attracted to this project. Is that fair to say? Superfly did such a good job of attracting talent that he can step away from the thread and it lives on as one of the best threads in CB history. (I think you know where my praise goes ... !)

    Now, this doesn't mean that we wouldn't be on life support, immediately, if you left us Corbu so a special thanks for your efforts too! With all of that said, let's not single me out, or mention me AGAIN! Thanks Corbu.

    Enough of that ,let's talk BBRY ......................................
    06-16-17 08:56 AM
  24. bapebape's Avatar
    Guys , my keyone broke down while i am in indonesia right now , so i went to buy an AURORA since they slashed the price to 189USD, i spoke with the shop owner and asked how was the sales of the aurora and he told me he's selling about 100 units every month and said the response was pretty good . i also noticed one thing is that i went past about 3 telcos also and the blackberry point of sales were all very strategically placed , usually infront of any apple or samsung phones , i will try to get some pictures of it if i can tomorrow . Seems like we are gaining some strong foothold here because its locally made . but ofcourse this sample is too small to be judged but just a story i would like to share . And about the aurora , for that price range , its a really good phone , didnt know indonesia can make such good phones !!
    06-16-17 08:59 AM
  25. Corbu's Avatar
    Well said, Morgan... Thanks.

    Now, let's get to work on that BBRY SP! Interesting times ahead, no doubt...
    06-16-17 09:16 AM
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