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  1. bbjdog's Avatar
    I don't think that I have seen Bunga this mad. Lol
    06-05-15 06:24 PM
  2. cjcampbell's Avatar
    I don't think that I have seen Bunga this mad. Lol
    You haven't been around enough lol

    Posted via CB10
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    06-05-15 06:31 PM
  3. bbjdog's Avatar
    You haven't been around enough lol

    Posted via CB10
    That's for sure, gotta stay out of his way!
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    06-05-15 06:36 PM
  4. Shanerredflag's Avatar
    Yes thanks SS I have read the full disclosure of the proposed acquisition. Cheers. Ben

    Posted by my fabulous red Passport
    Nice to see you back Ben

    Classically Posted.
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    06-05-15 06:51 PM
  5. bigbadben10's Avatar
    Thanks Shane. Been busy with other stuff recently. Have a lovely weekend mate. Cheers B.

    Posted by my fabulous red Passport
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    06-05-15 09:36 PM
  6. plasmid_boy's Avatar
    Thanks Shane. Been busy with other stuff recently. Have a lovely weekend mate. Cheers B.

    Posted by my fabulous red Passport
    Good to see that you weren't hurt in the crash, Ben.

    Posted via CB10
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    06-05-15 10:08 PM
  7. Bacon Munchers's Avatar
    Oi' Mates!

    iPod nearly dead.
    iPad loosing steam.
    Apple watch may show to be a loser with all the negative press.

    And now this:

    Apple pay allegation of low acceptance?

    BlackBerry should jump at this. Anyone hear any news about BlackBerry pay lately?

    Now, Apple is ready to launch a music streaming service.
    Sounds great right? Doesn't Apple have one of the best handles on the audio's in the industry? (sound of needle scratching across album).
    It's now going to cost the zombies 10USD per month!
    06-06-15 02:42 AM
  8. Bacon Munchers's Avatar
    I only post this because of the connection to a US health care insurance attack:
    06-06-15 02:56 AM
  9. morganplus8's Avatar
    Morgan - I am so sorry to hear about your situation. I did not know. May God bless you with good health and fast recovery. You are a good man and this world needs many like you.

    BB is my first investment in stock ever and the reason why i got in is because i am a big fan and believe in this company. I am so new to this. My average stock price is 15.50 and I am currently in negative. I am trying to learn more about other stocks so I can get green in overall. You have lots of knowledge about stocks and have done very well for yourself. I hope to learn from you alot.
    Hi Lucky2010 !

    Thanks for those kind works, this goes for KenFletch, Chrysaurora, bbjdog, OympusMons, Back-2-Black and all of those who "thanked or liked" a comment regarding my health. I'm working my way through this and I do apologize for not accepting "private messages or friending" me right now, when I'm up to speed I'll look after those contacts.

    As for your BlackBerry purchase at $ 15.50/shr, I don't know if that is Canadian or US but I have successfully traded my BBRY shares, in one account, 4 times now and that account is right sided and profitable. The other thing I do is write covered call options against that block and the cost continues to drop while we wait for BlackBerry to turn around again. I think BlackBerry, as an investment has been better than buying AAPL or most other investments as long as you are willing to gamble and sell the stock when it rallies on false buy-out rumours. While BBRY has been one tough trade to call, it is also profitable for those who will take a chance and trade it.

    It's great that many of you have made money in some of my pharma pics, ACAD, HALO, SPHS and several others are doing what we would project them to do, BBRY is really the only stock we follow on this thread that is so difficult to predict. I will say that BBRY is trending sideways now while they develop a division that is heading for growth, I do believe that day is coming soon and then this stock will perform just like HALO and several others are or have been. So keep thinking about building a portfolio of stocks and not just rely on BB to make your fortune here.

    We finished this week down a nickle a share so BBRY seems to be stabilizing and setting itself up for their Q1 2016 report in two weeks time. Good luck to all!
    06-06-15 10:06 AM
  10. morganplus8's Avatar
    Hi Morgan,

    I owe you many thanks (as well as a fine bottle of Port at the very least) for your recommendation with HALO and your tireless commitment to our BlackBerry investment here.

    After reading about your recent plight, I feel compelled to share that in Feb, I was hospitalized for a week after getting Sepsis from a simple 15 minute biopsy procedure that introduced a super bug into my bloodstream; treatable by only two remaining broad spectrum antibiotics. One of the things that kept me occupied and provided a welcomed distraction from the pain and illness was this amazing thread... I also should thank the many great contributors here that make this the single most complete resource for anything BlackBerry related. So...I can say that this thread is a perfect treatment for hospital cases!

    After missing work for almost a month and being in sales (it also meant no income as well during the time off), my Halo shares (as well as SPHS...but sold out too soon in that one at $0.68 from $0.50) have more than made up for any shortfall. I cannot help but feel completely indebted to you. I am hanging onto Halo for at least the remainder of the year.

    Now let's hope that BlackBerry will mirror the steps of Halo very soon!
    WOW!! Great story, I wasn't going to comment further on non- topic issues but your story really rings home. I didn't know much about Sepsis until my close friend went into the hospital for a 1/2 hour procedure and developed Sepsis too. She spent 74 days in the hospital, lost half her organs and had so many surgeries she had few muscles left in her abdomen area. She survived that grueling time and is recovering with her family now.

    The whole idea of talking about other investments here was to get some individuals to look at spreading out their funds into other investments. This idea of just buying call options on BlackBerry really worried me so I was motivated to get some other ideas out there. You can imagine how this thread might have turned out if all of us restricted ourselves to BlackBerry and it went under? Your story is a good one, it demonstrates that we can make losses back by looking at a balanced investment plan. I have never lost sight of the potential for BlackBerry, one day it will be a popular investment again, but it sure takes time, Chen has set out 5-years to turn this one around and that's the length of time that I'm prepared to hold it for. When a stock goes from your cost of $ 10.00 to $ 30.00 one day, you can generate huge ongoing revenues from that position even it it sits at $ 30.00 plus or minus $ 2.00/shr for years. That's my investment style, I buy stocks like ACAD, HALO, PSDV etc., ride them much higher and then write calls on them for years. If I lose the stock, I start writing naked puts to get it back on a cheaper basis. This program have made a number of my friends wealthy. At some point, I hope everyone here develops a simple set of guidelines for picking which stocks to invest in, then follow those defined guidelines to know when to get out of that investment, and repeat the process for many years to come. We applaud world ranked fund managers for achieving 5 - 10% growth in their funds, yet, it is clear by now, to me at least, that is a very poor showing and nothing to be excited about. Your gains in HALO should tell you that you too can do so much better than those who are paid $ 100's of millions to manage cash.
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    06-06-15 10:27 AM
  11. Corbu's Avatar
    I don't want to bore you guys with the Canadian GP, but how about a quick ride on board around the track?

    Hope we'll be back next year... with a new three year BlackBerry sponsorship deal (wouldn't it have been nice to announce it this weekend?)!
    06-06-15 11:03 AM
  12. bigbadben10's Avatar
    Good to see that you weren't hurt in the crash, Ben.

    Posted via CB10
    Thanks bro! Michelle got the worst of it. Stuck her head through the side window. She is fine now thank goodness.

    Posted by my fabulous red Passport
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    06-06-15 06:52 PM
  13. jojowan's Avatar
    Ot: I just can't bear the iSheeps who always blame Google for privacy but say Apple will protect users' privacy. They must be joking.

    Apple can give in everything to exchange for more money.

    Why are there so many ppl not thinking with their own brain, but choose to trust everything that Tim Cook tells them?

    Posted via CB10
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    06-07-15 01:49 PM
  14. zyben's Avatar
    Redefining BlackBerry for the Second Stage of Enterprise Mobility

    Another day, another article declaring that the sky is falling on BlackBerry. If I could have a dollarbut this blog isnt about me hypothetically getting rich. Its about re-examining the narrative that Business Insider and other mainstream media are telling, and what those storytellers are completely missing.

    Business Insiders first sentence claims Big banks are cutting out BlackBerrys. A bold lead, backed up by anonymous quotes from purported employees inside 5 investment banks.

    female banker holding classicFive is literally just a handful. The investment banking world is much larger and more diverse than a fistful of Wall Street bankers. As you can see from this list, there are more than a hundred major investment banks worldwide. Additionally, there are thousands maybe tens of thousands more boutique and regional investment banks, retail banks, private equity and venture capital firms, insurance companies, and other financial service firms both large and small (it is a $1.24 trillion industry in the U.S. alone, after all).

    Some of our global financial customers today include: Alfa-Bank, Banco de la Provincia de Crdoba, Bancolombia, Banesco Banco Universal, C.A., BICBANCO, CRM and Market Data App, Financial Technologies (India) Limited (FTIL), HTP, IA Clarington Investments Inc., Indiabulls, MoneyMate, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP PwC Canada, Provincia Seguros S.A., Takaful Emarat-Insurance, Tangerine, and U.S. Bank.

    Recent customer wins include HSBC, Citizens Property Insurance, ERGO Insurance Group, and Credito Familiar, as our CEO John Chen said at our last earnings call in March.

    (Side note: If you know how tightlipped banks and insurance companies are, youll believe me when I say that we have many, many more financial services customers than I am allowed to name here).

    Even just restricted to Wall Street, you can find divergent opinions. Mobile Workers: I Want My BlackBerry Back was the headline of a CIO Magazine article last summer. At a well-known investment firm in New York City, reported CIO, Mobile app performance issues and privacy concerns have sparked a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) revolt, and now many employees are asking for their corporate BlackBerry back. This New York-based financial CEO and TV guru and leading Canadian financier Michael Wekerle both choose BlackBerry devices, too.

    BlackBerry is Binary

    The bigger problem is the assumption made by the general public and, apparently, business reporters: as our phone goes, so goes BlackBerry.

    Of course, part of that is our fault. BlackBerry devices are iconic. Customer satisfaction with our devices is at an all-time high, and has risen in the U.S. more than any other smartphone maker in the last several years, according to the respected ACSI survey. Our latest devices such as the Passport and Classic continue to pull in rave reviews and propel world leaders in politics, culture and sport.

    As Chen has said constantly since joining, BlackBerry will continue to sell our smartphones by targeting users and organizations that value secure connectivity and productivity.

    Overall, though, BlackBerry has firmly shifted our focus towards the bigger need providing mobile software and platforms for securing and powering workers of all kinds.

    The first wave of enterprise mobility was all about bringing smartphones into organizations and giving IT the tools to manage them. Hence, Mobile Device Management (MDM). In the second stage, enterprises not only want to control the devices, but enable their employees to become as productive as possible all securely and cost-effectively, of course. Thats Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM), and BlackBerry is already the leader.

    Take our BES platform, which holds more enterprise customers than multiple leading rivals combined (and added 2,200 enterprise customers last quarter).

    BES12s strong cross-platform capabilities it secures iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry devices makes it a great enabler for BYOD. Put more bluntly: our software is helping many organizations including, yes, some banks drop older BlackBerry devices in favor of a wider employee-chosen menu.

    Andwere ok with that. Every market leader must at some point decide when and how to cannibalize themselves in order to survive and thrive in the next wave. We at BlackBerry have committed 100% to that strategy.

    Why are we so confident? Because true EMM includes additional cross-platform software and services that enterprises want but commodity MDM players dont have. We do, though. In the past year alone, weve rolled out mobile content management, secure voice communications, secure mobile messaging, mobile-first collaboration and split billing for BYOD think WatchDox, Secusmart, BBM Protected, BBM Meetings and WorkLife, respectively.

    Thats how quickly were evolving and leapfrogging rivals.

    With revelations this week about the theft of the personal records of 4 million U.S. government workers, its clear that the need for secure connectivity and collaboration whatever the device has never been greater. With a blended device and software strategy aimed wholly at serving businesses of every size, BlackBerry is oriented firmly towards that future.

    Redefining BlackBerry for the Second Stage of Enterprise Mobility | Inside BlackBerry
    06-07-15 02:39 PM
  15. Corbu's Avatar
    06-07-15 05:34 PM
  16. Supa_Fly1's Avatar
    Formula 1 is great and all but what REALLY matters and wakes up consumers and business and the Joy competition is :

    1 signing Mercedes-Benz AM To an entire fleet of I.T management of their cars in a Global scale! Mentioning what BOTH have learned in Formula 1 - that the success there translate to success sales, reduced costs and financing costs to the end user. Assured reliability and extended services at no further costs to the end user owning a Merc!

    THIS is long overdue and I still FAIL to see why this isn't a done deal made publicly yet?!

    Where is the dollars and sense here BlackBerry, where please?!

    BlackBerry, accept no substitute nor compromise!
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    06-07-15 11:59 PM
  17. theRock1975's Avatar
    Edit: Sorry, article was from 2012!

    Mobile Iron and Air watch own only 1 patent between them!

    GOOD is suing them both for patent infringement. Not a good time for MOBL. Shareholder lawsuits, patent lawsuits, consistent quarterly losses. I'm not sure they can stick around for long. The balance sheet is getting ugly.

    Posted via CB10
    Last edited by theRock1975; 06-08-15 at 09:12 AM.
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    06-08-15 08:48 AM
  18. bbjdog's Avatar
    06-08-15 08:51 AM
  19. rarsen's Avatar
    Am I reading this correctly but the Good Technology suing dates back to 2012 ??
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    06-08-15 09:09 AM
  20. Corbu's Avatar

    The BBRY Café.  [Formerly: I support BBRY and I buy shares]-jc.jpg John Chen ‏@JohnChen 14 hours ago
    Congratulations @LewisHamilton @nico_rosberg @MercedesAMGF1. #BlackBerryLeaders

    The BBRY Café.  [Formerly: I support BBRY and I buy shares]-cg7pa17wwaat2ql.jpg
    06-08-15 09:09 AM
  21. theRock1975's Avatar
    Am I reading this correctly but the Good Technology suing dates back to 2012 ??
    Rarsen, you're right. I pulled it from the StockTwits feed. Why do people do that??

    I will be more careful next time, sorry.

    Posted via CB10
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    06-08-15 09:19 AM
  22. rarsen's Avatar
    OT from the Related Technologies and Security files, sorry if this was previously posted. Due to the expected IoT complexity and need of cross-platforms access, lots of expectations and believe BB is the ideal technology to fully address the high-level Security Requirements it merits:

    Hacking vulnerabilities with the Internet of Things: Risks and security loopholes | ZDNet
    06-08-15 10:23 AM
  23. bizzarothor's Avatar
    Okay, before it gets out there through BGR, I want to state to everyone that, yes, I'm going to acquire BlackBerry too, I own more shares than Xiaomi does, about .0002 % of the company and I will continue to buy more shares. There, it is out there. (Now the stock is dropping on my news ........... darn it)
    Would be interesting to know how many we hold as a group here on this %... not that it matters, but it's just a fun thing to know. By the way, has everyone received their voting forms for the next AGM? I received mine.

    Posted via CB10
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    06-08-15 12:44 PM
  24. bballdaylong's Avatar
    Hmm...time to pick up some more, I think! Have a good day everyone.

    Posted via CB10
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    06-08-15 02:12 PM
  25. donmateo's Avatar
    Not sure if this has been posted, but an article RE the BI/BB word-slinging.

    BlackBerry Ltd Still Popular Among Investment Banks?
    06-08-15 02:15 PM
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