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  1. dusdal's Avatar
    01-22-14 07:17 PM
  2. BBUK14's Avatar
    I am not sure whether it is a media conspiracy, or just laziness and human nature (I honestly am not sure). To begin with, it is very difficult to carry out a conspiracy without it leaking to Secondly, I think it's far more likely that the BlackBerry is Dead phenomenon was simply a cultural trend that reached a sort of crazy tipping point, creating the hellish mess we have just broken through. I mean, just think about all the people you have come across who have parroted the same 'BlackBerry is dead' stuff. Not all of these people are part of a huge conspiracy.

    Now that the back of that monster has been broken, at least for now, the media will likely switch pretty quickly. What I am interested in seeing is the extent to which phone sales are effected by an end to the BlackBerry is dead phenomenon. It can be expected to take a few months for news that BlackBerry is doing much better to hit the salespeople on the floor, but I am interested in seeing how their attitudes change if BlackBerry is still doing well in the summer. The Z10 is still a good phone (I'm keeping mine and probably not bothering with the Z30 for now). At it's Lowe price and with the update coming out, I think we can see a surprising rise in sales.

    I know everyone is still counting BlackBerry out of the mobile phone game for now, but I think that can change drastically by the end of the year. Once the BlackBerry is Dead stuff lifts, and salespeople in the shops feel silly continuing to say it, I think BlackBerry has a very good chance of passing Windows. After that, who knows. I don't think a slow increase in market share is at all impossible. People have a chronic issue with over predicting based on the present. There is a lot of opportunity for BlackBerry to come back in a huge way.

    I just hope that the company doesn't cut off potential great avenues, or get sold just as we are all looking forward to the long ride to $100+

    Posted via CB10
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    01-22-14 07:22 PM
  3. bungaboy's Avatar
    BlackBerry Juiced 45% In 2014: Only 5 ETFs To Bet On Its Turnaround -

    BlackBerry Juiced 45% YTD: Only 5 ETFs To Play Rebound

    Posted 06:12 PM ET

    After crushing BlackBerry's (BBRY) shares for four years, investors are gorging on the beleaguered smartphone stock, sending it 45% higher so far this year.

    Some analysts believe a multi-year turnaround led by former Sybase CEO John Chen, who took the throne in November 2013, will juice even bigger returns.

    The tech giant, formerly known as Research In Motion, blasted 26% in just three sessions to a four-month high of 10.78 following major corporate news. Shares have nearly doubled off of a 10-year low of 5.44 from December.

    Short sellers buying back shares to close their trades have driven a great chunk of demand. BlackBerry was one of the most heavily shorted stocks last year. It's still 39% below its 52-week high.

    The Waterloo, Ontario-based company announced Tuesday it's selling most of its Canadian real estate for an undisclosed sum to raise cash. The Department of Defense said last week that it plans to connect 80,000 BlackBerrys to its new mobile system launching Jan. 31.

    A Citron Research report released Friday is looking at a minimum price target of $15. BlackBerry reinvented itself as an "enterprise software developer with focus on mobile device management solutions," the report notes. It's no longer an equipment company after selling its money-losing handset unit to Foxconn. It's thereby eliminated "device inventory risk" from its balance sheet, Citron's report says.

    With nearly $3.45 billion cash on hand, BlackBerry has enough money to carry out its turnaround plan and make the investments needed for growth.

    "With a competent executive team, strong product offerings, ample cash to make investments and well-established existing sales relationships with enterprise clients, there is little reason to believe BlackBerry stands to lose the enterprise (mobile device management) market," Citron wrote.

    Most Wall Street analysts, on the other hand, have an underperform, hold or neutral rating on the company, which controls merely 2.8% of the global mobile phone market. S&P Capital IQ forecasts revenue will drop 37% in fiscal 2014 and another 35% in 2015, following a 40% decline in fiscal 2013. S&P estimates per-share operating losses of $1.74 in 2014 and $1.39 in 2015, following a per-share loss of 64 cents in 2013.

    "Declining smartphone sales, stiff competition from handset manufacturers, escalating marketing expenses and lukewarm response for the new BB10 operating platform will continue to act as head winds," Zacks Investment Research wrote in note Jan. 8.

    ETFs Holding BlackBerry

    Investors who want to bet on the stock but have little appetite for risk may nibble at it through an ETF. Only five traded on the stock markets have a stake in the Canadian firm, according to

    IShares North American Tech-Multimedia Networking (IGN) has the most exposure with a 6% weighting in the stock.

    First Trust Nasdaq CEA Smartphone Index (FONE), with a 5% weighting, holds 60 other names.

    The other three ETFs have less than half a percent weighting: RevenueShares ADR Fund (RTR), iShares North American Technology (IGM) and Fidelity Nasdaq Composite Index (ONEQ).
    01-22-14 08:00 PM
  4. jake simmons3's Avatar
    So that demo of 10.2.1 in malaysia should be happening now or soon any one have any knowledge of where we can get a look at this

    Posted via CB10
    01-22-14 08:02 PM
  5. bungaboy's Avatar
    So, anybody still got the great big hate-on for Prem W for bringing John Chen on board?
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    01-22-14 08:06 PM
  6. Shanerredflag's Avatar
    So, anybody still got the great big hate-on for Prem W for bringing John Chen on board?

    Zee Z30 pozted thiz
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    01-22-14 08:07 PM
  7. Shanerredflag's Avatar
    So, anybody still got the great big hate-on for Prem W for bringing John Chen on board?

    The BBRY Café.  [Formerly: I support BBRY and I buy shares]-mockit_22012014181154.jpg

    Zee Z30 pozted thiz
    01-22-14 08:12 PM
  8. jake simmons3's Avatar
    Posted via CB10
    01-22-14 08:17 PM
  9. sidhuk's Avatar
    So, anybody still got the great big hate-on for Prem W for bringing John Chen on board?
    Not a bad memory for an old civil engineer.

    Posted using Z30. Best of the best Smart phone in the world.
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    01-22-14 08:45 PM
  10. sidhuk's Avatar
    Since we don't want to got his site but it is funny that I phones have crash problems. BGR. Wow.

    It?s taken Apple a few months but the company is finally vowing to put an end to the so-called ?white screen of death? that has plagued some iOS 7 users. Apple on Wednesday sent out a message to several media outlets saying that it has ?a fix in an upcoming software update for a bug that can occasionally cause a home screen crash,? although it gave no timeline for when this fix might finally show up. 9to5Mac speculates that iOS 7 users could finally get some relief from random crashes once Apple releases iOS 7.1, which beta testers have said ?feels much more stable and less prone to crashes than the public release of iOS 7.?


    Posted using Z30. Best of the best Smart phone in the world.
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    01-22-14 08:50 PM
  11. sidhuk's Avatar
    Some air lines discounting passengers ihone users. LoL proceed with caution.

    Posted using Z30. Best of the best Smart phone in the world.
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    01-22-14 08:58 PM
  12. take99's Avatar
    So to those claiming it was the fault of contributors to this thread that people lost money by buying shares due to their influence I would assume that you would logically have no problem with me blaming your negative comments for influencing my decision to sell and not buy back in at 6. Since you often claimed you had our best interests at heart I would expect that you would want to step up and be accountable for your actions. Please PM me for my address and name in which to make your cheque payable. I'm sure you won't mind helping out a lost clapping seal who blindly followed your advice.
    01-22-14 09:10 PM
  13. Shanerredflag's Avatar
    ^^awesome post sir^^^

    Zee Z30 pozted thiz
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    01-22-14 09:17 PM
  14. bungaboy's Avatar

    From my Z30 via CB10
    01-22-14 09:27 PM
  15. BergerKing's Avatar
    Well, folks, I remember those bad, dark days all too well, when it was all that could be done to keep the thread open because of the downers who were taking potshots at the regulars with sadistic glee. Even though I'm not an investor, stock wise, I'm invested in CrackBerry for the good of members who believe in themselves.

    Glad to see y'all have something to celebrate, and here's to more bright days ahead!
    01-22-14 09:48 PM
  16. Shanerredflag's Avatar
    ^^and another very well said sir^^^

    Zee Z30 pozted thiz
    01-22-14 09:50 PM
  17. spiller's Avatar
    So, anybody still got the great big hate-on for Prem W for bringing John Chen on board?
    No. But I still consider him untrustworthy. I only trust once and he went back on his word. Period. He's a greedy mother f but I guess all finance guys are greedy selfish bastards.
    01-22-14 09:52 PM
  18. BergerKing's Avatar

    Here's a good spin.
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    01-22-14 10:29 PM
  19. BergerKing's Avatar

    Twin spin.
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    01-22-14 10:33 PM
  20. slipstream89's Avatar
    OT: Hey guys, well tax season is coming up and i'm thinking about doing my own taxes this year but I have a question for the Canadian investors. I trade with TD Waterhouse mostly on my US account and I usually keep the profits in USD. I know we need to convert everything to CAD for tax purposes so my question is, is it better to use the exchange rate on the day of transactions or for simplicity just use an annual rate of exchange?

    MUCH APPRECIATED, btw I trade often so it's not like a few trades a year
    01-22-14 11:00 PM
  21. sailpgd's Avatar
    Using Your iPhone for Work? Bringing Your Own Device Might Mean Losing Your Data Later -

    I can't believe the WSJ did not mention BES or BlackBerry 10 in this article. BlackBerry 10 is the solution to this problem and they fail to mention it? That is pretty shoddy journalism.
    01-22-14 11:05 PM
  22. bigbadben10's Avatar
    That's what I love to see BK. We have an awesome bunch of wonderful people on this particular thread. This is were I really like to be on CB.

    Posted with my gorgeous Z30
    01-22-14 11:17 PM
  23. Corbu's Avatar
    So that demo of 10.2.1 in malaysia should be happening now or soon any one have any knowledge of where we can get a look at this
    01-22-14 11:17 PM
  24. jake simmons3's Avatar
    Thanks a lot

    Posted via CB10
    01-22-14 11:24 PM
  25. austinjeep's Avatar
    01-22-14 11:39 PM
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