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  1. sidhuk's Avatar
    The BBRY Café.  [Formerly: I support BBRY and I buy shares]-img_00000006.png
    Found this from one of the blackberry channels.
    Good night gang

    Posted using Z30. Best phone in the world.
    12-07-13 10:58 PM
  2. Shanerredflag's Avatar
    Found the stock, it's not so much about the money...more to do with the belief n spirit. (feel free to substitute the words with BlackBerry wonderfully )

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    12-08-13 12:34 AM
  3. Shanerredflag's Avatar

    Not Steve Perry but still pretty good....

    Funny, I was working with a young guy today and he noticed my Z...he asked if I liked it. "love it" I said...

    He went on to say how he had an Android, used to love his BlackBerry and how he was hearing great things about the new OS, how BlackBerry waited too long to launch and that's the reason everyone switched.

    I listened patently then asked if he would ever buy another?

    "**** yeah" he said," just waiting for my contract to end so I can grab one", "these phones kick azz"

    Take it for what it's worth but I liked to hear a young 'up n comer" saying it.

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    12-08-13 01:43 AM
  4. bungaboy's Avatar
    Not sure where you're located Sidhuk, but if you can get your hands on a cider called Left Field Cider, it's beautiful stuff. Real cider, no sugar or any additions.

    Ingredients: fresh Okanagan apples.

    Loopy Juice that is.

    Van City Coffee ; WhitecapsFC ; PreMed Community ; Bristol Rovers Football Club
    This helped me through first year university!!!!

    (NOTE: 12.5% not the 4.5%)

    The BBRY Café.  [Formerly: I support BBRY and I buy shares]-il_570xn.503980454_n647.jpg
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    12-08-13 08:21 AM
  5. bungaboy's Avatar
    Found the stock, it's not so much about the money...more to do with the belief n spirit. (feel free to substitute the words with BlackBerry wonderfully )

    Posted via CB10
    Each and every year they have the "Stanfest" held in Canso, Nova Scotia.

    Check it out!

    The Stan Rogers Folk Festival, July 5th, 6th, and 7th, 2013
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    12-08-13 09:00 AM
  6. Randeman's Avatar
    Each and every year they have the "Stanfest" held in Canso, Nova Scotia.

    Check it out!

    The Stan Rogers Folk Festival, July 5th, 6th, and 7th, 2013
    An excellent Navy tune. Used to play it all the time.

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    12-08-13 09:42 AM
  7. bungaboy's Avatar
    An excellent Navy tune. Used to play it all the time.

    Posted via CB10
    Before or after this?

    The BBRY Café.  [Formerly: I support BBRY and I buy shares]-uk77.jpg
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    12-08-13 02:20 PM
  8. Randeman's Avatar
    Before or after this?

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	uk77.jpg 
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Size:	57.6 KB 
ID:	228145

    Posted via CB10
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    12-08-13 04:21 PM
  9. Otech#CB's Avatar
    Anyone who wants to see my whole take on BBM Channels and what I think they need to improve on, read my article on BerryFlow - 7 Ways to Improve BBM Channels
    12-08-13 07:59 PM
  10. Randeman's Avatar
    12-09-13 08:18 AM
  11. michaelshawn's Avatar
    Umm so much volume. Why?

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    12-09-13 09:32 AM
  12. W Hoa's Avatar
    From the G&M today:

    Ontarios Economic Development Minister is bullish on the future of BlackBerry Ltd. but indicated Monday that the provincial government will not intervene if the company is broken up and sold in pieces.

    I dont think we are going to intervene in a business decision taken by the company, Eric Hoskins said in an interview in London. Our preference is for BlackBerry to remain its own entity and to remain in Ontario.

    Mr. Hoskins is in London to meet business leaders and speak at the Bloomberg Enterprise Technology Summit which begins on Tuesday. He said his message to the conference will be that BlackBerry has a strong future and that it has helped create a thriving ecosystem for high tech companies in Ontario.
    BlackBerry - The Globe and Mail
    12-09-13 09:59 AM
  13. JLagoon's Avatar
    I thought, this would be interesting for you all to read.
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    12-09-13 10:02 AM
  14. lcjr's Avatar
    I thought, this would be interesting for you all to read. Samsung tries to silence user whose S4 caught fire, it doesn't go over well - Neowin
    Yeah I heard about this over the weekend. It's amazing a corporation would take such a stand. I mean, with new technology being pumped out so fast, the public understands that these things can (but shouldn't) happen. If they would have taken an appologetic stance, they would have possibly won over some new clients. Should this happen to another manufacturer, I hope they take a better position with the consumer.
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    12-09-13 10:22 AM
  15. Superfly_FR's Avatar
    So, you asked for BES in the Cloud ?
    Hey, guess what, could be in N.A first !!!


    T-Mobile Hosted Mobility Management Service

    HMMS BES Cloud Solution
    Exclusively from T-Mobile

    Get cost-effective Hosted Mobility Management Services for legacy BlackBerry, BB10, iOS and Android devices.

    Your commitment to BlackBerry has paid off for years, and with T-Mobile, it can continue paying off in the future. Only T-Mobile offers the Hosted Mobility Management Service (HMMS) with BES10 in the cloud! It's scalable and can help you transition to BB10, iOS and Android devices – on your timeline —no forklift required! Better still, we'll handle this portion of the back end and support so your IT staff can focus their efforts on growing your business.
    Transition from your legacy devices.
    Migrate to the latest capable smartphones while potentially extending the life of your BES 5 investment

    • Cloud-hosted BES10 Server. Rent only what you need with our scalable subscription model and you can redirect capital investment costs not being used to purchase excess capacity for other purposes.
    • Server configuration, maintenance, and updates. T-Mobile’s HMMS offer will handle setup, installation, and maintenance of your BES10 server so you can focus on issues at the heart of your business.
    • 24/7 support. T-Mobile can supplement or complement your IT department and take calls at practically any time.
    • On-premises deployment if needed. T-Mobile can help your deploy on-premises solutions for government agencies and others prohibited from using cloud-hosted solutions.
    • Save time, money, and resources with the help of T-Mobile HMMS BES Cloud Solution. You’ll get virtually end-to-end support for your OS needs, including iOS, AndroidTM, and new and legacy BlackBerry devices. Help free up your IT department to take care of the business that matters most.
    Also, read :
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    12-09-13 10:27 AM
  16. OMGitworks's Avatar
    Has that guy ever been right?? I am really down on BBRY. The stock is behaving terribly and despite a few good words by Chen, still nothing. I give credit to all of you still in the stock, to me it seems dead and a lost cause now.

    On Saturday my Bloomberg Business Week arrived and the oral history of BlackBerry article which had been posted on Crackberry was actually the front page story. It called BBRY a "Relic" Sorry to say that this will do a lot more damage than an opinion piece on SA and the economic development minister saying BBRY has a future (Isn't that his official job to say these type of things...). Had BBRY done everything plus more than it is doing now, A YEAR AGO, maybe it would have had a chance, but now I just see a long painful death, not unlike the stock price. How they allow carriers to hold up 10.2 in the US is beyond me, it killed/is killing BBRY in the US. Blame the carriers if you want, but it is killing BBRY.

    Rather than to continue to be negative, I will move on and let you all have your back and forth. I want to avoid the bitter nasty troll stuff.... When my Dec 8 calls expire worthless in a week or 2 I will be out of BBRY forever and will also be selling my HALO (thanks Morgan - 9 to 14 ain't bad in a few months...) to capitalize on the tax loss from BBRY. You are a great bunch of folks with a ton of experience to share and thanks for putting up with me. I really hope you all turn out to be right, but I can't see it, no matter how hard I try to, I just can't see BBRY ever rebounding.

    Good luck to all and have a great holiday and Happy New Year!
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    12-09-13 10:42 AM
  17. cgk's Avatar
    Look after yourself and hope you have a happy and successful 2014.
    12-09-13 10:52 AM
  18. slipstream89's Avatar
    sorry to go OT but M8 can you provide some insight on HALO? any potential on upside here I wanted to get out before my vacay end of this week so just wanted your opinion, thanks!

    PS. Anyone else notice that the site is so glitchy and slow now :/ happened over the weekend
    12-09-13 10:55 AM
  19. Superfly_FR's Avatar
    OMG, the house is a - pro and con - open place and we'll be glad to read you anytime.
    In the meantime, take care and enjoy the positive !
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    12-09-13 11:14 AM
  20. georg4BB's Avatar
    I agree, the silence is killing. Every day with bad news or even no news is working against BlackBerry.
    I hope Mr. Chen is holding back the good news for the earning call in 11 days.
    It's so bitter: Finally BB has a shiny device (Z30) with a polished OS, ready for chrismas sale and they srewed it with the "strategical review" thing.
    I just fliped through a beginners book about PR, just for fun.
    I read, that it's extremely important to make good PR and marketing in a crisis situation. If not, the rumor mill will make the situation even worse.
    IN A BOOK FOR BEGINNERS! I can't believe how bad BB handled the crisis until now.
    Please Mr. Chen change this very very soon.
    ...sorry for the rant
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    12-09-13 11:18 AM
  21. snejpa's Avatar
    So, you asked for BES in the Cloud ?
    Hey, guess what, could be in N.A first !!!
    Yes that's nice. But I hoped for a simple solution, where you could register independent of your carrier. Aiming for small businesses you should be more flexible.
    But let's wait and see how it develops. On Jeff Holleran talks about a preview of cloud services planned for December.
    So maybe the T-mobile offer is just a beginning...
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    12-09-13 12:22 PM
  22. sidhuk's Avatar
    From depreciated due: Jeff Holleran, senior director of Enterprise Product Management at BlackBerry, talks about the new BES version, cloud plans and the extension to other devices.

    Jeff Holleran, Senior Director Enterprise Product Management bei Blackberry. Enlarge
    Jeff Holleran, senior director of Enterprise Product Management at BlackBerry.
    Photo: BlackBerry

    BlackBerry fights. Only conjured the company customers in an open letter to him to be loyal to halt, and now the Canadians have the version 10.2 of its Management Solution BlackBerry Enterprise Service, BES published shortly. In an interview, Jeff Holleran discussed, responsible for BES, why users should switch to Blackberry when the promised cloud offering will start and how the future for BlackBerry look. Since version 10 of the BES, it also works with Android and iOS. How is the integration of these services - are Android and iOS owners users second-class?

    Jeff Holleran: On the contrary. Our goal is to make all functions on Android and iOS to make available. When I look at the roadmap, there is no single feature that we only BlackBerry plan - at least for the functions for end-users. There are a few security features that we can offer in conjunction with BlackBerry devices, simply because we control here with the management server and the terminal completely. Our plan is that we provide each safety function, which is possible, even on Android and iOS.

    Blackberry will nicht nur eigene Gerte Unternehmen managen, sondern auch iOS und Android. Enlarge
    BlackBerry wants to manage not only their own devices company, but also iOS and Android.
    Photo: BlackBerry

    For me, the BlackBerry system consists of three parts: equipment, network and management system. With iOS and Android, we have these three parts also, only the unit be replaced by our Secure Workspace App. The network remains the same. Because we derive here the traffic safely through the BlackBerry system, we can also deliver on this system to access services behind the firewall without the need for an expensive VPN solution is necessary. And with the BES 10.2 is able to manage all these platforms, our management server. We come to the BES itself, BlackBerry had announced a cloud solution in addition to the locally installable BES - how is the status here?

    Jeff Holleran: Is there, in October, we announced that in future we will also cloud provide offer. We are currently in beta testing with selected customers. In December 2013, we intend to expand this and turn it into a preview. Are the functions are the same as in the variant locally installed?

    Jeff Holleran: There are restrictions on services, which are located behind the firewall, but customers get the full management control for Blackberry, iOS and Android. We also have a clever feature, an application that sits behind the firewall, and communicates with the cloud. It can be local folders with the cloud Syndicate and transmitted, for example users. Important here is the security : We store in this case, no access data in the cloud from this sit on the local system, protected by the firewall of the company. Let's talk about the business: How to make existing BES customers to migrate to BES 10.2 tasty?

    Jeff Holleran: In BES 10.2, we enable our customers to integrate next to the devices and BES server. So that they can install BES 10.2 parallel to the current production environment and - without having to touch the legacy environment - future also integrate BlackBerry OS 10, Android and iOS. This all works with a unified user interface and all the functions offered by a well-known manufacturer. A manufacturer that can provide global support, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. How is it with companies that use competing products? How do you convince them?

    Jeff Holleran: I access one of my last response: We are a trustworthy manufacturer that can manage all the devices under a single interface. We have more than ten years experience in the management of mobile systems and we use this experience to make our customers to manage their devices as simple as possible. When I look at the current situation in the market for management solutions, then we have a user base that is significantly greater than with the other providers.

    We focus on two topics:

    1 Let's ensure the security of corporate data.

    2 We want to optimize our user interface and the user experience so that we have no competition in the industry. We want to ensure that both users as well as administrators can work most productively with our products. What is the future for the BlackBerry Enterprise Service? What are the challenges for 2014?

    Jeff Holleran: We see that the mobile endpoints in the company will continue to increase. And accordingly, we intend to expand our capabilities further. We want to manage each device - and the ultimate goal is to manage all the endpoints in the enterprise. Does that mean that the BES future also, say, manage notebooks or desktops can?

    Jeff Holleran: I can not commit myself at this time. But you will see, as we continue to grow and management for all related objects to represent the company. What devices whatever the user wants to use in the company, the company should be able to manage these endpoints.
    12-09-13 12:55 PM
  23. jake simmons3's Avatar
    Another great day for BBRY , The Silence leading into the ER is not making me feel to good about Dec 20th.
    12-09-13 01:05 PM
  24. _dimi_'s Avatar
    I expect a pre-ER release. Volume should be even lower during the holidays so waiting until then is not in shareholders best interest. IMHO..

    Posted via CB10
    12-09-13 01:41 PM
  25. cgk's Avatar
    I expect a pre-ER release. Volume should be even lower during the holidays so waiting until then is not in shareholders best interest. IMHO..

    Posted via CB10
    What do you think it will say?
    12-09-13 01:44 PM
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