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  1. Shanerredflag's Avatar
    Don't know why anyone is surprised...they did this at launch as well (just before option expire date)...and I'll bet they do it again on Q4 call next month. Use it as a money making opportunity...I don't feel anything will stop this nonsense until strong solid numbers are released and it will take a couple three quarters of them to shake the manipulative spin doctors...just my two cents.

    And YES...I feel silly for not waiting till today to double down...sometimes ones own advice is the hardest to take lol.
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    02-13-13 04:48 PM
  2. duckJAI's Avatar
    The behavior of a stock always has irregularities of varying scale. Exiting a channel could potentially be followed by a powerful return. The chart looks like a double top to me though. Hope for the best I guess
    I would say it looks more like a double bottom as in the last 15 days we've been moreso in a downtrend, no? *Start looking at Jan 28th*
    02-13-13 04:54 PM
  3. leafs123's Avatar
    $BBRY is the most manipulated stock on the market right now. It's pretty shameful.
    02-13-13 04:54 PM
  4. Shanerredflag's Avatar
    ... and we hit the 200th page
    gang, you rock !
    And Morgan got #5000 with some great insight and much needed explanation...awesome thread!!!
    02-13-13 04:59 PM
  5. zyben's Avatar
    this is an exact page from cramer's video on stock manipulation: his example was, hedge fund call a buddy from the media and say "our source says verizion doesn't like the phones ( his example was iphone )." this is a complete lie. there is no source. but the reporter buddy will run with it. next thing, the stock plummets and everyone covers.

    not cool.
    Speaking of Cramer and stock manipulation, today cnbc - the biggest culprit when it comes to stock manipulation - did a quick cut in to a "reporter" who said "concerning BlackBerry stock, there are reports, although anecdotal, that there are some service outages in some areas." Pretty vague and certainly unsubstantiated, yet reported as news. I was unable to find any news anywhere else about a service outage.
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    02-13-13 05:11 PM
  6. njblackberry's Avatar
    Has anyone mentioned the global media conspiracy recently?
    That HAS to be a major cause for recent downturn.
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    02-13-13 05:12 PM
  7. greenberry666's Avatar
    Whether the news caused the downturn or not, the articles and references mentioned here all point to news sources trying to manipulate stories out of a vacuum.

    Posted using CrackBerry App on BB10
    02-13-13 05:20 PM
  8. Shanerredflag's Avatar
    Its a great first gen ever launched, anywhere period...they will fix the few bugs and provide more and more functionality with each update. Some will love it some won't but it is competitive and one of the top smart phones in the world period...couldn't say that two weeks ago.
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    02-13-13 05:26 PM
  9. tiziano27's Avatar
    Jesus what a day!! Let's look at that chart again:

    As some of you have mentioned, we are at the bottom of the channel now and what a ride! I should have mentioned in my last post that we are pennies away from the 50-dma, the mother of all support here. That price is $ 13.75/shr. So we just missed touching it. This sell-off came from a Forbes article and was purely manipulation. There was no reason to be down today but we were setup for this drop. We have to find support at the 50-dma and get through options expiry this Friday. Seems like they like to park the stock below $ 14.00 for options. The volume blew up when it broke $ 14.00, that was when this article came out (3:39 PM), you can bet it is part of the move. I bought a ton of stock, I mean a ton as this is where you enter trades. Take a moment to read the article and ask yourself if Americans are so different in their tastes that they won't by BB's all-touch, just laughable material there!!! I can't wait for tomorrow. Good luck!
    Big day tomorrow, good opportunity to enter, but If It break below the channel and the 50ma is a strong sell signal.
    02-13-13 05:28 PM
  10. silversun10's Avatar
    Has anyone mentioned the global media conspiracy recently?
    That HAS to be a major cause for recent downturn.
    you have figures or facts to support the negativity?
    02-13-13 05:28 PM
  11. Marc_Paradise's Avatar
    I found it interesting - watching some ongoing conversations from day-trading shorts (twitter and a couple of forums). People were getting actively pissed that someone(s) were buying up the shares they were trying to dump with huge bid sizes. I think they were expecting/trying to push it down well below the 14 mark, past the 50 day DMA - and weren't able to because a large number of large-sized bids picking up everything they were trying to sell.

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    02-13-13 05:37 PM
  12. drummer_god's Avatar
    1 month ago, the price was $11.
    today, it's $14.

    if you didn't pay any attention to the day-to-day activities and were just long, you'd probably be happy with $3 gain in 1 month.
    02-13-13 05:38 PM
  13. Shanerredflag's Avatar
    you have figures or facts to support the negativity?
    That it his specialty...dripping with sarcasm...pleasure to read isn't it.
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    02-13-13 05:39 PM
  14. sentimentGX4's Avatar
    I would say it looks more like a double bottom as in the last 15 days we've been moreso in a downtrend, no? *Start looking at Jan 28th*
    You see the downtrend in the past 15 days? That a part of your "double bottom" so you can't use that in determining the trend we are coming from.

    To determine the trend you are using for technical analysis, look starting from BEFORE the start of your formation (the "double bottom"). That means look from Jan 10 and prior. I find this is kind of intuitive and obvious so I did not bother replying earlier.
    02-13-13 05:39 PM
  15. njblackberry's Avatar
    That it his specialty...dripping with sarcasm...pleasure to read isn't it.
    Glad you appreciate it
    It's a gift.

    People are ALWAYS mentioning the media trashing BlackBerry. Ask MrFreeTruth!
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    02-13-13 05:42 PM
  16. randall2580's Avatar
    Morganplus8 - did you redraw your support line today? When I looked at your previous chart I thought the stock might have a little bit to go lower, the new chart a little less so but there is potential to see 12 before it bases no? If you are averaging down no trouble you can continue to do so I would be careful on a close below 11.50 those numbers are close enough to keep an eye on here no?

    As always I like coming by and reading this, I don't always have time during the day to keep up on the activity of the stock during the day when my market gets moving, but I get the play by play catch up no less than ESPN here for stocks.

    Keep the faith guys
    02-13-13 05:44 PM
  17. Shanerredflag's Avatar
    02-13-13 05:46 PM
  18. kfh227's Avatar
    Ya, articles were fine for hte past month. The past week or so, everything is negative. EVERYTHING.

    We should all start writing articles for seekingalpha. The guy doing charts should do one tonight. People into charting would eat it up.
    02-13-13 05:52 PM
  19. drummer_god's Avatar
    I haven't read anything from Chris U in a couple weeks. I'd like to read his thoughts on this week.
    02-13-13 05:57 PM
  20. kfh227's Avatar
    Woohoo, up to $14 in after hours!

    Oh brother ...
    02-13-13 06:02 PM
  21. chrysaurora's Avatar
    Positive sentiment and positive reviews will drive more customers to BlackBerry 10. That will drive stock price up and up.

    So, what can RIM/BlackBerry do? I think the BEST thing BlackBerry can do is LISTEN to user feedback from early adopters, reviewers and haters of Z10. Address all these reported issues, feature requests in an OS update. BlackBerry Z10 is a phenomenal device. If BlackBerry simply listened to feedback here (some constructive, some rants) and implemented it, it'd start getting rave reviews from existing BB users. BB users also tend to counter negative articles based on lies by leaving great comments and leaving correct information as comments.

    Right now, existing BlackBerry users are happy with Z10 but they could be happier! BB People are missing (craving for) a bunch of features from BlackBerry 7 era. So, they (including myself) come on CrackBerry and post our feedback and frustrations. If BlackBerry just listened and prioritized these reported issues, it will start generating a lot of positive sentiment, rave reviews. Early adopters will start focusing on how AWESOME this device is (instead of nitpicking ..I am missing features x, y, and z from BB 7 to BB 10). If BlackBerry does this BEFORE USA launch in next few weeks, I think we will start seeing a swell of support for BlackBerry 10 from existing users, reviewers and haters will have to shut-up!

    That's the key. Shorts and manipulators will manipulate. BlackBerry needs to serve it's core constituency -- it's end customers. Listen to them, act on feedback at lightening speed. Address reported issues in matter of weeks, not months and BB 10 will sell like crazy. Stock will take care of itself!

    Doing this before USA launch is important because US media is HUGE! If you fix key-issues/concerns reported by early adopters, you will be less likely to be bashed by US media. They might even already be a bit pissed off by delayed-US launch (regardless of whose fault it is). Fix reported issues before USA launch and device will sell itself!
    02-13-13 06:03 PM
  22. kfh227's Avatar
    on a dip tomorrow, I'm hoping to get some Jan 2015 calls. Going after some $7 and $35 strikes. If flat at the open, I might get the $7 strikes regardless.
    02-13-13 06:09 PM
  23. kfh227's Avatar
    They need to fix every single minor nit/bug/inconsistency.

    Btu they need to put a huge priority on that Outlook issue.
    02-13-13 06:10 PM
  24. Andrew4life's Avatar
    on a dip tomorrow, I'm hoping to get some Jan 2015 calls. Going after some $7 and $35 strikes. If flat at the open, I might get the $7 strikes regardless.
    explain what your play is so I can take advantage of it as well.
    02-13-13 06:42 PM
  25. Tom689's Avatar
    Maybe if we all pounce in the after hours there'll be a cover panic
    The BBRY Café.  [Formerly: I support BBRY and I buy shares]-0021.png
    I'm just kidding
    02-13-13 06:42 PM
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