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  1. take99's Avatar
    Just upgraded to ios 7. First impressions are that the functionality of the phone is quite a bit better but the look of it is awful to me at this point in time, first impression only, maybe it'll grow on me, hopefully not in a hernia type way.
    09-21-13 02:03 PM
  2. jhill396's Avatar
    If a buyout occurs, what happens to the shares you own? Do you get shares in the buyout company or is there a share price that gets applied to your shares?
    09-21-13 02:04 PM
  3. greyw0lf01's Avatar
    I'm surprised that people are contemplating using technical analysis to analyze BBRY. This name gets moved by rumours, news leaks and finally fundamentals.

    You can have the perfect technical setup for a buy and then get completely blindsided by a pre-earning release that blows your chart to all hell. I spent 5yrs as a rates trader and we all have multiple charts that we use. It works but you have to know when it doesn't.

    Weak hands weren't taken out by the drop, it was people realizing that enough was enough. The large institutional holders of BBRY are using OTM... OTHER PEOPLE'S MONEY.
    09-21-13 02:23 PM
  4. plasmid_boy's Avatar
    Jesus wept, aren't we even allow the odd joke? Of course I didn't mean that, statcounter is garbage.
    I understood the sarcasm the first time around. What I asked was whether you meant to insult people as your post implied.
    09-21-13 02:39 PM
  5. take99's Avatar
    Reminds me of mrfreetruth except I kinda liked him after awhile, whatever happened to him?
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    09-21-13 02:51 PM
  6. luizimonti's Avatar
    BlackBerry Co-Founder Is Said to Consider Bid for Company

    Mike Lazaridis, the co-founder of BlackBerry who stepped down as co-chief executive in 2012, has reached out to private equity firms about a possible bid for the troubled company.

    Mr. Lazaridis has separately approached the Blackstone Group and the Carlyle Group about making an offer, according to people familiar with the matter. These people cautioned, however, that the talks were preliminary and might not lead to any bids.

    The potential of any effort to take BlackBerry private was muddied further on Friday, as shares in the company tanked after the company announced quarterly revenue far below analyst expectations. BlackBerry shares listed in the United States plunged 17.1 percent to $8.73.

    Mr. Lazaridis could not be reached for comment. Blackstone and Carlyle declined to comment.

    The Wall Street Journal reported news of the talks late on Friday.

    Private equity firms have been considering a bid for BlackBerry for more than a year, people familiar with the matter said. But as late as 18 months ago, buyout specialists evaluating the company saw few viable options for turning the slumping company around.

    Mr. Lazaridis, who co-founded BlackBerry with a friend in 1985, remains one of the company’s largest individual shareholders, and his stake would be helpful in any effort to take the company private.

    Last year, Mr. Lazaridis and his partner, Jim Balsillie, stepped down as co-chief executives, ceding control to Thorsten Heins. The two men, who had run the company for decades, had come under pressure from disgruntled shareholders as BlackBerry continued to lose market share to rivals including the iPhone and phones using Google’s Android software.

    Speaking at the time of his departure last year, Mr. Lazaridis said, “In every successful company that’s developed by founders, there comes a time when it enters a new phase of growth and it’s time for the founders to pass the baton to new management.”
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    09-21-13 02:55 PM
  7. cjcampbell's Avatar
    Reminds me of mrfreetruth except I kinda liked him after awhile, whatever happened to him?
    He got banished.
    09-21-13 02:55 PM
  8. danprown's Avatar
    It was the WSJ which scored the interview with Nordberg. Found it a little strange and too honest. The timing was also peculiar (since there has not been a peep from any other director or TH). I think he might have given them the heads up on the job cuts. Probably the company decided to float the idea before announcing it.
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    09-21-13 03:08 PM
  9. imz's Avatar
    Mike Lazaridis, the co-founder of BlackBerry who stepped down as co-chief executive in 2012, has reached out to private equity firms about a possible bid for the troubled company.
    Whatever has happened, you have to still take your hat off to Mike Lazaridis and admire his actions.

    He held on to his shares, and even at Blackberry's lowest point, he's out and about (if rumours are true), trying to guide BBRY away from the savages (the street).

    Me personally? I would of done a Jim, sold my shares and given a big middle finger to the shareholders and customers for ousting me before allowing "time" for a turn around, after all his vision was for a cross platform BBM, and erm, look what all the commotion is about today.

    Yes, I've heard it all before, It was all his fault (Mike L) blah blah, but may be its just me but I get the feeling, as a former CEO of the company, he cares and is probably fighting harder more to save the company than the current CEO, after all, the current CEO will get a big pay check if it gets sold, he just needs to make it "attractive" for a buyer, he said this from DAY ONE, para phrasing:

    "our goal is to make Blackberry10 attractive", attractive for who and what? Licensing? BB10 doesn't work on your own hardware (Playbook), much less any one else's, so I guess he meant an outright sale.
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    09-21-13 03:26 PM
  10. morganplus8's Avatar
    Hi Morgan and OMGitworks:

    I think, the two of you have the most years about the stock market in this forum as far as I know. We know that the stock is not going to $40 anytime soon.

    Nevertheless, I am sure that many, who still hold their shares, and are still in red ranging up to $17 average or more would find your thoughts on the possible scenarios for the company, and its stock price based on your past experience useful.

    The market might not have adjusted to the news with 25 minutes of trading fully, although I could only imagine that the drop in the first 5 minutes would have taken many holders out with stop loss, and leave us with even stronger holders. The chart is out of whack for the next several days or a couple of weeks.

    So, in this type of scenario for a company like Blackberry with what we could possibly know as facts so far; does it make it more attractive for a buy out? Does it make it more attractive for Prem Watsa to take this private? Does it try to survive on its own instead? What are your thoughts on this matter for the retail shareholders here?

    Thank you as always.
    Hey JLagoon!!

    You get to take the weekend off, no charts necessary!!! The next time you or I see a Pennant Formation, let's sell all of our holdings and run!

    I won't go into too much detail right now as I'm still finishing off my interpretation of the numbers. Until last evening, we weren't privy to all of the data and so it was a waste of time trying to make much out of that limited news release. I can say that my conclusion is changing slightly on where this is all going, but I do respect that the media is carrying a certain slant on those numbers and we all have to deal with that fact. Are they worth only cash, how about less than cash, that's it? Well that's what we are hearing from some "experts" based upon those numbers.

    They have $ 2.6 Billion in cash, Patents worth something, hard assets worth something, a tax credit on the latest writedowns of at least $ 300 in cash and they have 2.2 million handsets of the BB 10 variety valued at a dollar and sold. We don't know the mix of those handsets, are they Z10, some Q5 or Q10 .... just what are they? It doesn't matter because they are valued at a buck and I think you can get $ 300/ea for them on EBay , but that's just me! LOL

    So, 2.2 million handsets at a AC of $ 280 is a writedown of $ 616 million written off and possibly worth more than a dollar because they are also sold and will go into Q3. They sold 5.9 million handsets which is a drop versus Q1 but still a good mix there with 2.2 million being Z10's and less than 1/2 of those 3.7 booked sales being Z10's as well. If you take 49% as the most optomistic number, that's 1.8 million Z10's sold in Q2, adding those together, you get 4.0 million Z10's sold in Q2 and only 1.85 accounted for as inferior BB 07's. But we do know that Services are great, they didn't die off as many would claim, they stayed the same at $ 800 million and that's awesume news, so good in fact that the media will have to avoid mentioning anything to do with their highest grossing money maker. That leaves $ 800 for 3.7 million handsets which is roughly $ 215/unit, the kind of number that makes you think of BB 07 units. This is where the numbers need to be worked a bit because we don't know what the mix was. It isn't likely that 4.0 BB 10's were sold, the number is probably much lower given the revenue recognition of only $ 800 million. So let's say they did 500,000 BB 10's and opted out of the 2.2 million units sold for Q2. That gives us 2.7 million BB 10 units sold. We also have to adjust the price of those units to a lower ASP of $ 350 versus their launch number of $ 450 per Z10. It makes sense that some phones were sold in the $ 350 range as far as the Z10 is concerned, it isn't likely the any Q10's were sold that low. So the big question is, what mix is left and what are their residual values on the books?

    I'm still playing around with the numbers but you might conclude that the balance sheet is very clean with this latest move, we should be down because revenue would have been reported around $ 2.7 Billion on 5.9 million handsets with Enterprise coming in flat to up and subs steady at 72 million. There could have been some Venezeula money attached to this Q so we can't determine if subs and service were completely "flat" or not. So what is the value? There are hard assets like cash, tax credits and future tax write-offs for someone out there. The heavy lifting has been done by reducing the headcount, and, the BES10.1 data shows us that corporations are still looking at BB and their free phones in inventory. If it were to go private, and someone like Prem would want cheap assets on the books to apply toward credit for the purchase, they have plenty of free phones to accomplish that requirement. It is extremely clean with some good sales numbers flowing into Q3 which will also help with the financing of the takeout of the company. I often use 4.0 million phones per quarter for my valuation of the hardware business and BB always seems to beat my number by a ton. At 2.0 million handsets, which BB might not see for many quarters at their run rate, the business generates over $ 3 billion dollars at great margins, too bad they didn't show these phones on the Q2 report. The $ .50/shr loss would have been a $ 300 million positive to Gross Margins and a very nice quarter indeed. All of this will become evident to prospective buyers even if the media have no clue what we are looking/talking about today.

    Luckily, we have all weekend to dig deeper into those numbers.
    Last edited by morganplus8; 09-21-13 at 03:49 PM.
    09-21-13 03:27 PM
  11. sr2w's Avatar
    Posted via CB10
    09-21-13 03:36 PM
  12. greyw0lf01's Avatar
    & the spin from m. Freeman/m. Stanley continues... "experts", the "news", "prem wasta" & "highest grossing money maker"... where will it end?

    Wish some of this could have been shared at 2pm EST on Friday September 20th.

    Wish some would admit what they don't know. Time to check my Bollinger Bands to see if they're ready for a breakout.
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    09-21-13 03:44 PM
  13. leafs123's Avatar
    Under what name it shows up in the app store?
    BBM by BlackBerry Limited.

    Posted via CB10
    09-21-13 03:45 PM
  14. Gekko's Avatar
    "All the charts, computers and mathematical models in the world cannot tell us, with any certitude, what the market (or any stock) will do tomorrow, next month or next year." - Peter Bernstein
    09-21-13 03:54 PM
  15. sidhuk's Avatar
    BBM by BlackBerry Limited.

    Posted via CB10
    Thanks. I tried searching here in Canada and nothing comes up in the app store. what I have learned so for that, it is available clockwise starting with KIWILAND.
    Now that BBM is available cross platform it makes more sense to me to buy BB10 phone.
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    09-21-13 03:56 PM
  16. plasmid_boy's Avatar
    Hey JLagoon!!

    Luckily, we have all weekend to dig deeper into those numbers.
    True story, my 9 year old son and I were hunching over our computers in my home office Friday night trying to understand what was reported, what might have caused the results, and where it might be going from here.
    After we were done, he logged into his account and doubled his holding in BBRY.
    I didn't sell but didn't add either.
    09-21-13 03:58 PM
  17. leafs123's Avatar
    Pretty impressive that the BBM twitter account went from 10K followers yesterday to 90K today.

    Posted via CB10
    09-21-13 04:04 PM
  18. leafs123's Avatar
    Thanks. I tried searching here in Canada and nothing comes up in the app store. what I have learned so for that, it is available clockwise starting with KIWILAND.
    Now that BBM is available cross platform it makes more sense to me to buy BB10 phone.
    Change the clock settings to New Zealand time on your iPhone if you can't wait till tomorrow. It apparently has worked for many.

    Posted via CB10
    09-21-13 04:07 PM
  19. take99's Avatar
    Seems to me someone is always offline at the same time as a different persona is on and liking the posts of the other?
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    09-21-13 04:07 PM
  20. greyw0lf01's Avatar
    September 4th BBRY closed at ~$11/share.

    Good god don't sell and try to trade this, there are 175 million shares short across North America and they will have to cover. Then there are those buyers who will want to average on the way up. Every sign of weakness will be bought. Just sit back and enjoy the ride! We need to get to a point where someone is willing to sell to these two groups of buyers and that number is likely $ 4.00/shr higher from here. Should be fun unless .........................

    ............. you are currently short the stock, sorry."

    September 20th BBRY closes at ~$8.75/share

    Out of decency to the mods, I won't attribute a name to this post. However you interpret the quote above, if you followed this particular advice, your position is down ~20.5%.

    To the student of he who shall remain nameless, It appears contrary to the above advice, people are averaging on the way down.
    09-21-13 04:10 PM
  21. Gesig Boek's Avatar
    ... and they have 2.2 million handsets of the BB 10 variety valued at a dollar and sold....
    I dont know where this 2.2 million BB10 handset figure comes from. Just because BB was paid for 3.7 million BB7 handsets this quarter past does not mean 2.2 million of the 5.9 million handsets that were sold to end customers were BB10 handsets. There are too many missing variables to conclude this.
    tiziano27 likes this.
    09-21-13 04:11 PM
  22. tiziano27's Avatar
    Some people are proposing conspiracy theories to explain how they could release all these bad news at the same time BBM is going cross platform, which is one of the most important projects of the company.
    But I think it make sense. The message is hardware is dead, long live to software. Yesterday was the announcement of the dead of hardware business, today the company is reborn as a software and services provider for other platforms.

    The emotional hit of the dead of BlackBerry as a hardware manufacturer will attract downloads from millions of former BB users.

    I think BB fans were overestimating the interest in BBM. Surely in emerging markets where BlackBerry is strong BBM will be a success, but in the rest of the world BBM doesn't bring anything new to attract users from incumbent message systems. Without an emotional push the answer would have been: 'meh'.
    09-21-13 04:13 PM
  23. sidhuk's Avatar
    Change the clock settings to New Zealand time on your iPhone if you can't wait till tomorrow. It apparently has worked for many.

    Posted via CB10
    LoL, I can wait, was just horsing around. plus getting the real bb10 phone with complete BBM anyways.
    09-21-13 04:17 PM
  24. plasmid_boy's Avatar
    M8, FYI your inbox is full and can't receive messages. But to answer your question, system ready.
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    09-21-13 04:22 PM
  25. JLagoon's Avatar
    Morgan; your pm box is full, so I cannot reply. "Keep moving"
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    09-21-13 04:27 PM
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