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  1. Charles Martin1's Avatar
    I agree. I just expect a dip soon, rather than sitting flat. Although, I'd much rather prefer some news that would shake a few shorts.
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    02-06-13 10:44 PM
  2. Charles Martin1's Avatar
    Part of the build up to March 15th. I think Thor and Co. have come at this the right way. Sell into the smaller markets with limited inventories to reduce the upfront production costs and generate buzz. Z10s will make their way into the US off-contract and get a lot of interest. If they don't sell, BB won't have a lot of inventory hangng around, if they sell like hotcakes, BB can ramp up production pretty quickly. It also gives them the oppertunity to iron out any production bugs before building up the supply lines. (apple has suffered with production bugs due to the demand for the IP5). The delayed US launch is also an opportunity to grow the app count (I know, I know, but app count is a metric that people will use because its quick and easy). Let's face it, BB knew exactly how long US testing would take. Thor can point the finger at the US carriers because we hate all of them.

    I think the stock might fall back a bit on negative sentiment over the rest of the week(ie the initial sales aren't high enough, or there is no sustained demand, or WP overtakes BB in US market for third place, or whatever news the hedge funds push to move the stock down) Maybe I'll follow BthunderW's lead and split my shares into a Hold block and a Trade block!
    That's exactly what I am doing. I have my long pot and my buy/sell pot.
    02-06-13 10:48 PM
  3. lcjr's Avatar
    That's exactly what I am doing. I have my long pot and my buy/sell pot.
    I second that. Once I get to a comfortable selling point I'll split my pot as well. I still want to invest in Blackberry but need my playtime as well.
    02-06-13 10:54 PM
  4. kfh227's Avatar
    Options ... was going to do a write up. The best thing to do is read, read and read. It took me 3 months to fully understand them with on and off again reading.

    Start here:
    Option (finance) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    02-06-13 11:04 PM
  5. anon(757282)'s Avatar
    This article may make you feel a bit brighter. Talks about the upcoming short squeeze. Warms my heart to read...

    Bedeviled BlackBerry Bears Keep Wary Eye On Supply Of Shares And Z10 SmartPhone - Seeking Alpha
    02-07-13 01:09 AM
  6. BBNation's Avatar
    My company bought more than 5 z10s today with same data plan that we used to pay for bb OSs, I am not sure wheather BB still makes money of it or carrier takes all. I will check with the provider. I seems like BES is not going away in developed world and it has long life in developing world..
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    02-07-13 02:33 AM
  7. Kid Vibe's Avatar
    A gut feeling tells me that the BB10 share price will slowly gain momentum but when their earnings report shows up, I am picking them to have negative earnings... This in turn will lead to a panic attack and cause shares to dip... Those in the long most likely won't see any amazing rewards until next year, that is if BB is able to increase marketshare.
    02-07-13 03:00 AM
  8. Superfly_FR's Avatar
    haha, il fait ses nuits doesn't really translate
    oops ... "sleeps away" is better, maybe ?
    02-07-13 03:47 AM
  9. world traveler and former ceo's Avatar
    when is bb Z10 launching in France?
    02-07-13 03:52 AM
  10. Superfly_FR's Avatar
    At the close horizon : Playbook with OS2 aka BBX and BBX Phones (probably later), filling the gap between what we all desire (BTooth, printing, spell-check, RDP, SSH, USB host ...) and what the PB is today.

    At the middle horizon : A companion mobile pair that will probably bundle (commercially speaking) and offer a high grade security couple, filled with most wanted business apps and tools (from office to citrix ?). Beside, with balance, a portable multimedia tablet that will connect to the net from everywhere at no additional cost, capture HD vid&pics and play games with stereophonic sound. The whole thing being displayed over (and displaying/controlling) any DLNA compliant device or HDMI wired one. And of course, able to isolate your corporate annual sales prevision from you having a BBQ drinking party half naked on the beach.

    At an unknown horizon : a set of devices devoted to mobility that will connect flawlessly with numerous infotainment QNX empowered devices.

    But wait ... oops, some are not horizon ... they just sit there, already
    Hum, looks pretty cool.

    This is my vision, but you can pretend I'm under mushrooms.
    lol, my mushrooms finally were good trip ones ?
    [DO NOT use psychotropic : this is supposed to be a joke]
    02-07-13 06:23 AM
  11. Superfly_FR's Avatar
    when is bb Z10 launching in France?
    I believe we'll get them in hands by March ... no real date stamp as of date.
    02-07-13 06:27 AM
  12. AlexejKir's Avatar
    pre-market looks interesting, Current - 16,49 // PML 16,10, PMH 16:66

    edit: Current - 16,70 // PML 16,10, PMH 16:78

    looks like we might start higher today than yesterdays highest point. would be nice
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    02-07-13 07:04 AM
  13. StormieTwo's Avatar
    lots of chop pre-market. I wonder whats going on.... pre-SQ?
    02-07-13 07:27 AM
  14. q649's Avatar
    A gut feeling tells me that the BB10 share price will slowly gain momentum but when their earnings report shows up, I am picking them to have negative earnings... This in turn will lead to a panic attack and cause shares to dip... Those in the long most likely won't see any amazing rewards until next year, that is if BB is able to increase marketshare.
    Gut feelings = waiving goodbye to your $$
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    02-07-13 07:36 AM
  15. StormieTwo's Avatar
    More bad news for the shorts!

    Wells Fargo upgraded Research In Motion Ltd. (NASDAQ: BBRY) from Market Perform to Outperform and raised its valuation range from $11-$13 to $19-$20, in transferred coverage to analyst Maynard Um.

    "Our Outperform rating is predicated on the view that gross margin will improve as the mix of BB10 devices ramps and the existing BB7 portfolio (negative gross margin) declines," Um comments. "We note that BlackBerry shares have generally trended in the direction of gross margin. We believe enterprise service revenue (52% of BlackBerry’s service revenue) will not be impacted materially until FY2015 given the timing of the release of the BES 10 service pack and we have already modeled the potential impact to consumer service revenue."

    He continued, "We recognize the challenges BlackBerry faces as well as the unknowns (lack of business model transparency, long-lived market acceptance, business model transitions that make modeling challenging, and competition), and there is likely to be more volatility around BBRY shares, but ultimately believe the valuation does not fit the current potential window of opportunity. While it may very well turn out that demand for BlackBerry 10 is limited, we believe the valuation already discounts some level of failure and think the risk/reward at this juncture of the BlackBerry 10 cycle is attractive."

    The firm raised FQ4 FY2013 EPS/revenue to ($0.23)/$3.0bn from ($0.38)/$2.9bn (Street: ($0.29)/$2.9bn) and raise FY2014 EPS/revenue to ($0.22)/$12.7bn from ($1.44).$10.9bn (Street: ($0.57)/$12.7bn).
    02-07-13 08:30 AM
  16. anon(5624621)'s Avatar
    oops ... "sleeps away" is better, maybe ?
    Perhaps "our BB is starting to sleep through the night?"... hmm well it works better en franais, de toute faon
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    02-07-13 08:40 AM
  17. q649's Avatar
    0.00 (0.00%)
    Pre-market: 16.71 +0.66 (4.11%)
    Feb 7, 9:07AM EST
    02-07-13 09:11 AM
  18. Shanerredflag's Avatar
    What's your crystal ball saying SuperFly_FR?
    02-07-13 09:25 AM
  19. AlexejKir's Avatar
    Research In Motion Ltd. BBRY +3.81% said Thursday it has bolstered its board with two industry executives, bringing its board size to 12 directors.

    The smartphone maker, which will soon officially change its name to BlackBerry, said Richard Lynch, retired executive vice president of Verizon Communications Inc. VZ -0.35% and Bert Nordberg, former chief executive of Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications, will join its board.

    "We are looking forward to their contributions as we continue to drive for long-term shareholder value and seek opportunities to leverage the extraordinary BlackBerry 10 platform," board chairwoman Barbara Stymiest said in a statement.

    RIM Adds Two to Board -

    Edit: looks like we cant break 16,75
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    02-07-13 09:49 AM
  20. neteng1000's Avatar
    I'm sat here watching the real time quotes. There is a tug of war going on between the sorts and longs. Quite entertaining actually
    02-07-13 09:53 AM
  21. AlexejKir's Avatar
    looks like we are at that point where we either break 16,75ish and go to back to 18.00 or, we go back down to 15ish (worst case scenario) to gather the troops before another attempt to go up.

    edit: on a positive note, good to see that BBRY is still in green today, considering how the market is behaving today.
    Last edited by AlexejKir; 02-07-13 at 10:17 AM.
    02-07-13 09:57 AM
  22. crackerdoodle's Avatar
    stock looks tired. Healthy pullback is in order.
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    02-07-13 10:04 AM
  23. StormieTwo's Avatar
    from some US Blog

    "BBRY -- which has climbed more than 35% so far this year -- was upgraded to "outperform" from "market perform" at Wells Fargo ahead of the opening bell. However, there are still plenty of holdouts taking up residence in the security's pessimistic camp. Only three analysts have deemed the stock worthy of a "buy" or better rating, compared to 13 "holds," and 15 "sell" or worse suggestions. Even more telling, BBRY's average 12-month price target of $10.69 reflects a discount to Wednesday's closing price of $16.05. This leaves the door wide open for future upgrades and/or price-target adjustments, which could help propel the shares higher."

    I believe Canadian analysts are more weighted to the bullish side.

    On another note, interest in this stock is clearly going to continue to go up. What happens when the average daily volume starts exceeding the float?
    Last edited by StormieTwo; 02-07-13 at 10:58 AM. Reason: clarity
    02-07-13 10:56 AM
  24. Charles Martin1's Avatar
    Gut feelings = waiving goodbye to your $$
    Absolutely. Investing is not about emotion. Of course, aside from the excitement of dodging hungry bears and hitching a ride on running bulls.
    02-07-13 11:26 AM
  25. Charles Martin1's Avatar
    stock looks tired. Healthy pullback is in order.
    I am thinking the same. Dancing around this pretty tight band a few days now.
    02-07-13 11:27 AM
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