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    This thread is hopefully a catch-all for all news and publications relevant to BlackBerry.
    Please list all findings here as a source. While discussions on it is welcome, please keep it to a minimum. If you want a longer discussion on it, bring it over to the "I SUPPORT BBRY" thread.

    I use to use that thread as a wonderful source of info/links to articles. However, as it became a much more popular and a great hangout for BBRY fans, it became difficult to find all the links, often missing many.

    I think it would be awesome if we have a running thread with all articles linked or quoted here - we will have a nice chronologically list of publications.

    Thanks for all input!! Hopefully this works, so I can freely leach during work
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    08-02-13 04:57 PM
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    Well here's hoping it goes as you want
    08-02-13 08:39 PM

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