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    Sharing for the group, a sampling of articles going into tomorrow's report.

    FORBES: Do BlackBerry's Earnings Really Matter?
    Do BlackBerry's Earnings Really Matter? - Forbes
    EXCERPT: "Tomorrow Research In Motion , the company behind the BlackBerry, will report its quarterly results. Some will be tempted to trade the shares going into those results because we are now one full quarter into the company’s new product offering. That includes not only the BlackBerry Q10 but also the Blackberry Z10 models that are running the company’s new BB10 operating system. With the shares down nearly 20% off their 52-week high, odds are more than a few people are looking at the shares today with the hope of making a few quick bucks."

    ZDNET: BlackBerry boasts 18,000 enterprise server installations
    BlackBerry boasts 18,000 enterprise server installations | ZDNet
    EXCERPT: "In a press release on Thursday, the Waterloo, Ontario-based smartphone maker said it has added Whirlpool Corporation and BDO Canada to its enterprise mobility management roster. It also noted that 60 percent of the Fortune 500 have ordered, downloaded or installed the product since its release."

    BLOOMBERG: BlackBerry Short Interest Climbs to Record Before Results
    BlackBerry Short Interest Climbs to Record Before Results - Bloomberg
    EXCERPT: "The combined short interest in market value of BlackBerry shares in New York and Toronto reached 33 percent of the market value on June 20, according to data compiled by Markit, a financial-services firm. Investors taking short positions bet against a stock by borrowing shares they expect to fall, aiming to profit by repaying the borrowed equities at a lower price."

    WSJ: Can RIM Dial Up Big Sales?
    We'll Find Out Friday How New BlackBerry Sales Are Faring - WSJ.com
    EXCERPT: "Every quarter that passes without superlative sales is one closer to them giving [the hardware business] up, or maybe looking to sell that business or somehow make a transition," said Charles Golvin, a Forrester analyst. "No matter which road they choose it is a tough one."

    iStockAnalyst: Research In Motion Ltd (BBRY) Earnings Preview
    EXCERPT: "Let's start with the devices. The maturation process on the software for BB10 has accelerated dramatically in the last three months. 10.1 is now "in the wild" among most users, and it has brought both dramatic improvements in stability and the device's capability. To put this in perspective the sort of "teething issues" that all new technology devices have are now essentially all resolved and what's now occurring are feature additions. I cannot overstate the dramatic level of improvement in this regard, although there are plenty of people who will likely to discount it. As someone who has made his living for three decades writing software and building networks, however, I can tell you with certainty that this is a huge mistake."
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    thanks for the links. tomorrow is indeed a huge day for the company!
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    thanks for the links. tomorrow is indeed a huge day for the company!
    NP! . Reading through the articles, I'm increasingly convinced that BlackBerry is transitioning itself to be a software company primarily, in the longer term and BB10 is the means of accomplishing it.

    Look at the signs: BYOD support / Secure Work Space in BES10 10.1; Cross platform BBM ; Built in Android support on BB10; Porting BlackBerry 10 to Car Navs; talk of licensing BB10...

    Smart move imo. Hardware margins are decreasing, just ask Apple. Hopefully BlackBerry can manage the transition. Tomorrow will be about how many phones they sold, but that's not the long term strategy methinks.

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