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    One statement with all types of possibilities, partnerships, joint ventures, a possible sale, or going private.
    Hello everyone welcome to the ride up, hope you put your best running shoes on and bought the stock low (I Did target 16$ target)
    Will sell then reconsider when Q2 results come out on Sept 27th.

    Yesterday for me was a no news day, Blackberry has consistently stated that they are open to all possibilities nothing has ever been of the table.
    The real exciting news for me was the Fairfax angle and Prem Watsa"s decision to leave the board.
    I would like to read between the lines, speculate that he and the Canada pension plan will invest and give a much needed cash infusion to BlackBerry.
    This is what Blackberry needs a way to scale the company, to me there is no other reason for him to leave the board, he stands to profit from a takeover or buy out.
    So where is the justification for him leaving the board, (speculation) there must be a fundamental difference in the direction he wants to take Blackberry this is where he would have a conflict on interest problem, as sighted for he reason for leaving. I see there being to different camps forming inside Blackberry one that likes the current direction and one that see's the need for dramatic change. again this is just me speculating but a I hope the latter wins out.

    This is just my view take it with a grain of salt and enjoy the BlackBerry show it should be interesting.
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