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    People claiming RIM's name is Blackberry are starting to annoy me. The name isn't finalized yet!!! Calling RIM "Blackberry" at this moment would be bad journalism. Calling it RIM is the only correct name.
    It's legally BlackBerry. But yes, it will take many years before internal and many legal aspects are dealt with under the name RIM. As far as the world is concerned it is BlackBerry now and that is what they call themselves.
    The only mistake dbmalloy made was he accidentally spelled BlackBerry wrong
    It's BlackBerry.

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    02-25-13 07:45 PM
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    Your are just plain wrong about it being Black Berry. Its NOT legally Black Berry. You need corporate action to LEGALLY change a name. Announcing it at a launch event doesn't change squat. Same for the ticker symbol going from RIMM to BBRY. Unless there has been a Directors meeting and/or shareholder vote, the name LEGALLY is still Research in Motion. In any event the articles facts weren't that bad, maybe you don't like the conclusion and maybe the conclusion is wrong, but the facts aren't egregiously off. The name won't LEGALLY change until the meeting.

    "The official name change will take place at the company’s annual shareholder meeting later this year."
    02-25-13 09:31 PM
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    The VP Lawyer I know at BlackBerry might have a different opinion, one is a division of the other.

    The CEO announcing it to the world might carry some weight too. IDK.

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    02-25-13 09:36 PM
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    Samsung users waiting on the sg4 announcement, thinking they will hold off might want to think again. I doubt it launches in the US at first as well!
    Whats up with that? got the redheadded step child syndrom going on here!
    02-26-13 02:56 AM
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    Nothing false here, March will be a scary month for RIM (currently Doing Business As BlackBerry).
    I think "scary" is not the right word. "pivotal"? "Important"? "nerve-wracking"? Yes, but "scary". They already know what we don't know about the sales figures, so it's either scary now or it won't be then.

    Absolutely true. The release of Samsung's new Galaxy S will be a test for the Z10.
    Absolutely your opinion, not fact, not 'true'. Please read my rebuttal post above.

    Don't see anything false here. BYOD is becoming increasingly popular, and with every non-BB device, marketshare is being eroded.
    You haven't been paying attention to the fact that 50% of those buying a Z10 are coming from iOS and Android. The figures are all over the place, so you can't hold on to the parochial notion that switching platforms is a one way trip FROM BB to Android or iOS.

    This statement is correct. Here's the link. Now perhaps the WSJ was incorrect, but this article is not.
    Journalism 101: opinions based on other opinions based on incorrect conclusions based on bad data aren't "correct". They're barely even "opinion" if you trace the source of reasoning.

    Another statement that I don't see as being false. Judging by sales the S III is a legitimate contender with the iPhone?
    Even pathological liars say truthful things by accident once in a while :-P

    I would consider the demand to use top consumer devices as BYOD to be an advantage.
    If your work gave you a Z10, with Balance that let you have a personal side to the device that they would let you use as you wish, and you liked the Z10, and they're paying your carrier fees, would you still rather BYOD?

    This statement is true, Samsung's SAFE are trying to promote its devices as safe, and it's commercial does openly trash BlackBerry.
    I did see a commercial that had a woman with both a iPhone and a BBBold type device, and the context was "I use the BB for work because it's better for typing emails, and I use the iPhone for home because it's a fun toy", then claimed that the SIII was best of both worlds, which is specious, because typing on an SIII isn't better than on an iPhone, so the woman in the commercial wouldn't be satisfied with an SIII any more than her iPhone. But commercials are full of false assertions.. including that this SAFE stuff is actually good enough. They can say it all they want, but until there's significant uptake of SIIIs in cases where it is the equal to BB security, the jury is still out. Commercials != truth.

    I wouldn't disagree with the Z10 being make or break and high demand apps such as Skype (announced but not here yet), Netflix, Instagram, Google Maps are missing.
    Instagram and Skype have been announced by their vendors. It's not rumour. To just blithely omit that fact is "truth" in a way, but the world could use a lot less of that "kind of truth". Leaving that out of the article shows bias, sort of undermining all your arguments in support of the truthiness of the article, I think.

    Don't see anything false about this statement.
    Bring it on. When the Q10 is released, and enterprises have choice of Z10 and Q10 running BB10 and all their users can choose from a single OS platform with both form factors, the SIII is going to look like all the more "a toy"... a powerful toy that can play Call of Duty at 2500 by 2 bazillion of at 200 frames per second, but "Swype"? Really? Mabel in Events Management isn't going to master Swype. Samsung can say whatever it wants, target whatever market segments it wants, and "ooo... pretty!" gets attention, but it doesn't make hard business decisions for large enterprises.

    Is this report positive for BlackBerry? No. But, I'm just not seeing the false statements.
    You see what you want to see, just like BB fans. I'm a bb fan and I can see in the article and in your defense of it a lot of holes, you can say I want to see them but I will challenge you if you say they're not there. They're there. Their bias is clear.

    I used all 3 "they-ur"s in a row!
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    02-26-13 08:57 AM
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    So now the Wall Street Journal is biased? The list of those "formally know as reputable publications but now completely biased" keeps getting longer and longer. Pretty soon the list of untainted we will be down to only (1) those Seeking Alpha articles written by Crackberry members and (2) any positive article written about BBRY. Just sayin'
    02-26-13 09:01 AM
  7. lorax1284's Avatar
    The United States is one of the most protectionist societies these days. In two more decades (if it takes that long) the US will be on a steep downward spiral to ruin.
    No, this is panicking "shorters". They're all over the world but probably it was mostly myopic "USA! USA!" investors who couldn't see BB succeeding that have gotten themselves billions in the hole shorting RIM / BB and are now reminiscent me of Timothy Spall's performance as Peter Pettigrew (Wormtail) in the "Shrieking shack" scene from "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban". Just replace "my shorting of RIM" with "Voldemort" and you get the idea. They'll say and do anything to get out from under their short positions with minimal losses.
    02-26-13 09:28 AM
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    I think "scary" is not the right word. "pivotal"? "Important"? "nerve-wracking"? Yes, but "scary". They already know what we don't know about the sales figures, so it's
    You see what you want to see, just like BB fans. I'm a bb fan and I can see in the article and in your defense of it a lot of holes, you can say I want to see them but I will challenge you if you say they're not there. They're there. Their bias is clear.

    I used all 3 "they-ur"s in a row!
    I never claimed the article wasn't biased.

    I think it is.

    And still waiting for you to actually point out where this article is false.
    02-26-13 11:04 AM
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    Does Obama still have a BlackBerry?
    He MUST because if he 'switched' to an Apple or Android phone it would be ALL OVER the press in the U.S. And the Chicken Littles at Forbes, and the short sellers, etc... would be screaming about how this is proof of the end of Blackberry !!! =)
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    02-26-13 04:34 PM
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    Perhaps you could point out what is false about this story?
    I think the article is factually correct. The only thing that made me laugh personally was the line about employees demanding to use their personal phones. First of all, demanding? This isn't a human rights issue revolving around discrimination of any kind, or harassment, it's a phone and no corporation would be compelled to allow such a demand if they didn't want to! Seriously, to me that's funny. If a corporation has a BYOD policy, it's because they made the decision (most likely for financial reasons), not because their employees 'made' them. Just. not. plausible.

    Anyway, not attacking you, just pointing out that I think that was a silly thing to say in the article. And incorrect for 99.99+% of all corporations.
    02-26-13 04:40 PM
  11. Shanerredflag's Avatar
    I'm thinking competition is good...not sure why anyone would want anything less.
    02-26-13 05:38 PM
  12. Dapper37's Avatar
    Yep that is why they stopped Samsung getting a foothold... oh wait...
    It would seem like the android/google portion of this equation is sufficient enough for my fellow Americans to feel assured that future domination is in hand

    Enter my fellow Americans comments on the article below.

    5:51 pm February 25, 2013
    James wrote :
    People and organizations buy the most useful products and services with the best brand names. Apple is the hands down winner for the well offs, Samsung for the less fortunate. Professional apps like CNN and banking apps are first developed on iPhone then for Android. Increasingly Windows apps are not upgraded beyond Windows 7, but newer versions written for iOS and Android. People are using more iOS iPhones and iPads knowing they will be useful for the future. Android is less trusted than iOS. Windows Phone even less, and Blackberry is a dead choice because all the Blackberry apps must be ported from Android.

    For Americans the obvious choice is iOS. Blackberry has no business trying to sell to Americans and its allies. Apple, Android and Windows are all American so why would America use Blackberry? Is there a law that says America must use Blackberry instead of America’s own Apple, Android and Windows?

    Blackberry has shown its true colour selling to Canada, UK, and all those non-American regions. America is the origin of technologies, not Canada.
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    02-26-13 05:58 PM
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    And still waiting for you to actually point out where this article is false.
    Can opinions be wrong? If an opinion is stated that contradicts facts is it "false" or true... does calling something an opinion make it immune to being a "lie"? I think we disagree on that. A lie of omission is still a lie. It's just splitting hairs in the end.
    02-26-13 07:44 PM
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