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    So...here we are five months later - and the market has shat all over BB n BBry... what has changed..?? Well gosh gee whiz....we sold less units than the "ANAL cysts" thought we would...la dee dah.! Like so what pea brains...you are looking at results from 3 months of the Z10. Q10 just barely got out of the gate and Q5 still needs it's umbilical cord cut...like COME on.! Hardly dead in the water.

    But of course all those clowns from the investment houses are so brilliant right...?? yea, so smart that 99.99% of them Screwed up in 07/08 not knowing what was coming down the pipe at em....so lets not give these bozo's the time of day. They said Apple was in the toilet too.

    So the Upside: IMHO

    I kinda like where the stock is right now. I am def going to buy because......

    Q10 appears to be doing well - however we Definitely Need 10.2 followed right away by .... 10.3 and then OS 11. (Will there be Q15, Q20..?? larger screens maybe.?)

    This will be the first FULL quarter of Q10 sales added to Z10 sales - those ANAL-ysts bet the gold mine all on the Z10..as if that alone was going to bring BB Billions in their first quarter of the new OS..? BS, and if you thought that was going to happen, I know a fairy god mother that would love to meet you.

    Q5 should simply rock - in emerging markets (ASIA-India), and even in the good ole USA too. - However we do need some good marketing in North America.

    A10 / R10 rumoured and hopefully ready for Christmas Season...Kewl.!

    BBM going to be licensed .. when..???? Get on with it you guys.!! (game changer IMO)

    APPS: Saw a suggestion on CB10: Lets present dev's with 1 or even 10Million cash for top of the line apps...why the hell not.?? Get with the program Thor.! If that occurs and we are able then to entice: Shazam, Instagram and a cpl other top flight apps? That would be great.

    All in all...things are not as bleak as the ANAL-ysts would have you believe. I am still upbeat on this product. I really like my Q10, (still learning how to use it), and understand that this is just the beginning. Yep I've got some beotches on how it behaves...but still light years ahead of some of the older legacy units I've owned.

    3 things though:

    1: Thor, you need to do right by those that purchased PB's after your earlier comments re: PB to have BB10. Do something...tis not a good thing to KaKa where you eat...capiche.?? That is NEVER forgotten.

    2: while still supporting BBOS, lets concentrate on BB10..it is, after all, the software of the future..Correct.??

    3: Let us get the bugs worked out ASAP on OS10 & get this QNX based OS Screaming like it has the capability to do so.

    Please LISTEN TO US - WE are your customers K.??)

    cheers from Calgary,
    "Come Hell or High Water" we shall PERSEVERE.!
    (new city Moto following last weeks massive floods)

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    Hope you and yours are safe from the floods.

    Posted via CB10
    07-01-13 10:39 PM
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    Will the a10 even make it out at this point? I am afraid they might stop support for the z10 by then.

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    07-01-13 10:43 PM
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    Analystes ?
    I though it was " anal-list"

    With all the bulls hit that comes out of their mouth, you know, you could do a list
    07-01-13 11:04 PM

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