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    11-22-12 10:24 AM
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    Great #TeamBlackBerry wall!!! Is it from Pootermobile? Didn't see it on his page recently.
    Yes Sheldon it is from Pootermobile. I just got it a few days ago
    Attached Thumbnails Post your 9900/9930 screen shots!-teambbchoice_640x480.jpg  
    11-22-12 01:12 PM
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    11-22-12 04:14 PM
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    New sets
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    11-23-12 07:37 AM
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    11-23-12 08:08 AM
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    11-23-12 09:22 AM
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    11-23-12 06:09 PM
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    jaydee where did you get that theme from? the one with the love heart and boat.

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    Hiya, could you tell me which post number you are referring to? I can't seem to find the one you mean. I would be glad to tell you the theme name, just not sure which it is.
    11-23-12 07:12 PM
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    11-23-12 07:13 PM
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    11-23-12 10:00 PM
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    11-24-12 12:47 AM
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    11-24-12 07:50 AM
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    May I ask for the sassy one pls?
    11-24-12 08:50 AM
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    And Happy Caturday to all!
    Here's my Scotty dreaming of Mommy's team going to the playoffs!
    11-24-12 08:59 AM
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    11-24-12 01:37 PM
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    11-24-12 02:23 PM
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    Thanks Derrick!
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    11-24-12 02:26 PM
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    great screens ! would you please share the fifth and sixth wps -thanks!!!
    Here you go Cathy. Let me know if you need these resized.

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    11-24-12 02:44 PM
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    May I ask for the sassy one pls?
    Not sure if you were referring to my post but is this the one you mean?
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    11-24-12 02:46 PM
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    could you please share the 2nd and fourth wall please .share the love.thanks carolyn
    The word LOVE is actually part of the theme, Balloons Love by MMMOOO. Here is a link to the theme in app world.
    Buy Balloons Love - Download Balloons Love - Buy Themes from BlackBerry App World

    Here are the backgrounds I was using:

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    11-24-12 02:49 PM
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    thanks Catberryday for these cute wps! this size is ok, I can resize them. Happy Saturday!!!!!
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    11-24-12 03:48 PM
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    11-24-12 10:25 PM
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    11-24-12 10:27 PM
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