1. iaab's Avatar
    hi guys does anybody knows where can i find this wallpaper show on this bold
    03-28-09 08:22 AM
  2. lazerus's Avatar
    Um, that might be difficult to track down. Looks like a simple stock photo.
    03-28-09 09:16 AM
  3. Khial's Avatar
    try posting in the bold forums? maybe a user can send it to you?
    03-28-09 09:19 AM
  4. c_is_for_crackberry's Avatar
    found it on another thread
    i cant figure out how to copy the link to the other thread

    go to media corner/blackberry wallpapers and the thread is called does anyone have this wallpaper
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    03-28-09 09:26 AM
  5. c_is_for_crackberry's Avatar
    03-28-09 09:34 AM
  6. iaab's Avatar
    @c thanks alot dude that was fast
    03-28-09 09:51 AM
  7. c_is_for_crackberry's Avatar
    no problem
    03-28-09 09:52 AM
  8. iaab's Avatar
    no problem
    this was even faster
    03-28-09 09:53 AM