1. SocaZeus's Avatar
    Anyone out there ride an SV1000? I created this wallpaper and it is up loaded at BlackBerry Storm Wallpaper | Backgrounds | Images | StormGrounds.com

    I know there are a lot more SV650 owners out there so If any one would like me to convert the image to that let me know.
    02-27-09 06:11 PM
  2. SterlingVT's Avatar
    Do you have GS500 wallpaper
    02-27-09 06:31 PM
  3. AisforAustin's Avatar
    how about a black GSXR1000?
    02-27-09 07:41 PM
  4. BBartist's Avatar
    Ducati 848?

    T Minus 3 months and counting
    02-27-09 07:53 PM
  5. SocaZeus's Avatar
    Sorry guys. I made this from pics I had. I ride a SV. Don't have appropriate pics of other bikes.
    02-27-09 07:53 PM
  6. SocaZeus's Avatar
    Actually had a red Ducati 848 pic that would work. Uploaded to Stormgrounds today.
    02-28-09 10:57 AM
  7. SocaZeus's Avatar
    Same background
    02-28-09 11:01 AM
  8. Quiet_Before_The_Storm's Avatar
    I used to have an SV650S and rode my boys SV1000 a few times. I loved those bikes. I'm currently riding a '07 Black/Blue GSXR750. Don't want the wallpaper for my phone, just trying to connect with other riders.
    02-28-09 11:15 AM
  9. mkerm8's Avatar
    2003 Copper SV1000 rider here. Nice Wallpaper!
    02-28-09 12:42 PM
  10. SocaZeus's Avatar
    Sorry I didn't have a copper pic. Mine's the 03 silver. Converted the wallpaper to 650 for someone on the SVrider board.

    02-28-09 06:11 PM