1. Brandon639's Avatar
    I get really crappy service at my house and was looking into something that might help. I don't need anything for voice services, since I never make any calls. I need it for Data. Thats the only reason I shot down the Airrave from Sprint.

    In my research, I found the zBoost product and I was wondering if anyone has used it. Its supposed to work really well apparently. Heres a link to the website: zBoost.

    I'm not sure which version I would get, probably the house version.

    08-15-09 09:10 PM
  2. jasonlitka's Avatar
    I've got the YX510 at home. It works pretty well, though your mileage may vary if you don't spend a lot of time making sure the antenna is in the best signal area and that the antenna and base unit are separated.
    08-16-09 10:27 AM