1. syscrash's Avatar
    So here's the story. I had an iPhone for about a two weeks. During that time I ordered and received a Zagg IS. I never opened it because the day I got it, I made the decision to return the iPhone.

    I contacted Zagg customer service after another couple of weeks (cause I was lazy) and asked if I could return it. They said, "yes, but only for credit because it's past 30 days". That was no problem with me as I intended to simply use the credit from the (again) unopened iPhone IS to get an IS for my storm. They were professional and curteous on the phone, seemed very helpful.

    I sent it back per their instructions (the 14th) . I followed them exactly. I've received nothing (was supposed to get a code in email). I called them today to ask what was going on. They say this, and I am quoting: "we can't find your return". They tell me they will look and call me back. No call. No email. Nothing. I'd have been fine if they told me it could be a couple days, but they didn't and they didn't call me back or email me, which makes me feel like what they really said on the phone was, "sucks to be you, you just got scammed".

    Currently it appears l will continue to get the run around when I contact them and I'm out 24.95.

    Though I've heard their product is excellent, I have to advise against ordering from them because of the poor customer service.

    11-26-08 09:03 PM
  2. ShortStop51001's Avatar
    I have had problems with zagg in the past too. IMHO their CS STINKS! It takes more than 3 days to even leave the warehouse...???WTF? I love BSE, much easier application & faster shipping, i have it them on everything. I bought 3 IS too many thats for sure...!!
    11-26-08 09:59 PM
  3. Tumaz04's Avatar
    Check out Phantom Skinz crash > Phantom Skinz - Clear Protection Film for Blackberry Storm A customer service rep has been in the Storm forum answering a bunch of questions, very helpful. There have also been a few addicts that got the product applied and are completely satisfied with it. Check it out.
    11-27-08 01:42 AM