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    Hey everyone. I purchased an Xtreme Guard screen/phone protector from Amazon.com for $5.00 shipped and I would like to share my positive experience with it. I have never used anything like this before and I was very skeptical about the effectiveness and ease of application. Of course, I have applied many regular screen protectors, but nothing of this design that covers the screen AND the device. For just $5.00, I had to give it a shot. Their website is Xtreme Guard Screen Protectors. (I have no financial interest in this company, this is just a personal review of a great product.)

    First, read the instructions that are included with the protector. They are well written and easy to understand. It did take me a considerable amount of time (about 2 1/2 hours) to complete the application. However, I was working very slow and taking breaks here and there so some of the pieces could adhere a little bit and wouldn't be disturbed. Take the time to walk through the process in your mind and familiarize yourself with the pieces and where they go. This will allow you to keep maximum grip on the device and be able to handle it until the last piece is applied. I was being overly cautious because I did not want to tear the vinyl sheets, and I only purchased one set of protectors. Turned out that the vinyl sheets are not near as fragile as I had originally expected them to be. It was rather tough to distort the excess pieces.

    Make sure you wash your hands well to reduce the amount of oil on your fingers. Also, keep the tips of your fingers a little wet so you do not leave finger prints on the vinyl or the device. I warmed up a bowl of water and put one large drop of Dawn in it to allow the pieces to be moved around easily. I placed both sheets in the bowl to allow them to warm up a little and become more plyable. This is very important, make sure you place the pieces on the device the same way they were sitting on the sheet. One side is tacky when dried and the other is not. You want the tacky part to adhere to the device. There was only one piece that I had to apply that could fit either way it was faced. The remaining pieces could only go on one way.

    As you apply each piece, give it a couple of minutes to start drying out right after application so it won't move around too much. As you squeegee and wipe off the excess water, the pieces will become more sticky and easier to handle. The edges will not stick too well at first, but after the water is removed, and the piece dries a little bit, an easy press on the edges will cause them to stick very well. I probably used a little more water than recommended, but it wiped off easily and did not cause any problems to the device.

    Just keep the water to a minimum and the device will be just fine. I soaked the vinyl pieces in the soapy water and dipped the end of a stylus in the bowl of water to transfer a little water to the surface on the device I was working with. Work slow until you get the hang of working with the vinyl. It is not a difficult process, just takes some time to get used to.

    You will see some small bubbles and a bit of haze at first, but it will disappear in just a few hours of dry time. I was not sure how well the battery cover piece would look once covered because of the rough texture, but it turned out very well. It actually looks pretty neat and is really the only piece that you can tell is covered just by looking at it. Once finished, I showed my wife the device and she asked me why I only covered the battery door. It really came out that good. You really can't tell there is anything on the device until you pick it up or touch it.

    I took some pictures to post and show everyone, but there is nothing to see that is visible with a camera. If you hold the device at angle and get a little light to glare on it, you can barely see the edges of the vinyl.

    All in all, I highly recommend this brand and style of protector to anyone who has the time and desire to apply it. I feel my work was very rewarding; and for $5.00, you can't beat it. I wanted something to protect the device, but not add any size to it....And this does the job very well.

    Feel free to ask any questions if you have any......Thanks for reading!
    08-14-11 10:29 AM
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    Lets see a pic of this bad boy.
    08-22-11 05:23 PM
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    I am kind of leary about putting water any where near my phone. I understand the concept (just like tinting car windows), but still a little nervous about it.
    08-24-11 08:07 AM