1. decolur455's Avatar
    I was in the hospital ER watching a movie on my Berry and after the movie was over, I was in the process of switching cards to my main SD card when I was taken to X-ray to have a chest xray done. I put both cards into the little plastic case that they came in and placed them inside my wallet and then placed my wallet inside my right back pant pocket. One xray was taken with my back facing the xray device and the second xray was taken with my right side facing the xray device. When I got back to my room, I proceeded to put my main card back into my device and I noticed that the device did not tell me that the media card was inserted. I went to media and nothing was there. I then went to options and media card and it said that there was not a card in the device. I then put the other card in my device with the same results. When I got a hold of my friend's Berry and tried to access my media, the same thing happened. It appears that the xray not only wiped my data but rendered the card unusable. Yeah, sucks! I contacted SanDisk and they told me that the xray should not have affected my cards. They gave me a number to possibly get my data recovered but nothing recognizes the cards; even when in a PC. The cards just gets hot inside the phone and the card reader. It won't let me format because it says nothing is there so I would have to disagree with SanDisk because my SD cards appear to be toast.
    11-15-09 11:42 AM
  2. mark s's Avatar
    They are correct - I work with x-ray equipment and its never wiped my card - as a matter of fact sometimes to test a unit I'll x-ray my phone and I've never lost anything. Are you mistaking x-rays for MRI - although it would be a bad idea to have metal in the room with MRI
    11-15-09 07:14 PM
  3. nuke3ae's Avatar
    My cellphone gets x-rayed every day as i go through security at work and I have never had a problem ( i know that it is not as powerful as at the hospital).
    11-19-09 06:35 AM