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    I'm looking into getting a 2nd Battery and have jumped between ebay and Amazon (UK). I have noticed that there are a lot of Batteries labelled 'extended' to give you a long use of power.

    However, I am wondering is it okay to buy and use these?

    I don't really want to knacker up my phone sticking in a 1600 or even a 2000+

    Also I'm looking at buying a portable charger but if I got a 1600 mah battery should I also get 1600 portable charger?

    Thank you
    08-22-12 09:27 AM
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    The phone controls charging within the limit of supply capability, so any USB charger with standard 5v output should be acceptable. You are likely to find most are around 750 - 1000 mA rating, and it is likely the phone will limit maximum charging current around these values even if you use a charger with higher output capability.

    As far as batteries go, I would be cautious. The independent market has a lot of counterfeits and batteries with hopelessly inflated ratings which don't really do anything more than a standard RIM battery. Some are even marked exactly like the RIM originals. If your existing RIM battery gives acceptable life I suggest you consider the risk of getting a dud, and fork out the few extra $$ for a known genuine battery from a reputable source where you can do a counter return if it doesn't work.
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    08-22-12 10:39 AM
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    I too am erring on the other battery. I would possibly just stump for the portable charger and a 16gb sd card to replace my 8gb one
    08-22-12 12:59 PM