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    It works...really well!

    Couple years ago I picked up a Shure in-ear wired headset with a noise cancelling, cardioid mic and foam windscreen. It worked wonderfully with my ancient LG and that stupid PTT Motorola that Verizon released and I was dumb enough to buy.

    All that ended when I got a Bluetooth Razr. The analog to USB adapter didn't work well with the phone, outgoing volume was too low. But thanks to an adapter I bought at Radio Shack, I can plug it straight in to my 8330 Verizon Curve and it works like it used to on my older phones!

    Awesome! I've tried a number of Bluetooth headsets and they all, well, they all sucked. Some of the newer ones like the Jawbone cancel background noise very well but it sounds like you're talking from the moon. Other so-called noise canceling weren't much better than the cheap omni-directional ones, which make the world sound as loud as your voice.

    With the wired Shure headset I can talk to people with my car fan on tornado mode and my windows down on the freeway, on a windy beach, or any other noisy/windy environment and people hear me fine. I hear them very well too because you stuff it in your ear using the same basic technology they use for their professional audio gear.

    There is no Bluetooth headset that even approaches the sound quality and noise control on both sides like this Shure does.

    Ya it has a wire and I had to buy a bulky adapter but so what. Nobody could ever hear me well with any of the BT headsets I've tried but my old Shure works great in both directions now. I only use it in my car or in a work environment where I need both hands and it's working very very well so far.

    The Radio Shack adapter apparently shorts out the 4th conductor and leaves the microphone active. But that's fine since people can hear me in the real world now and I don't use my BB to listed to music.

    There is no button to activate voice dialing on the headset so I mapped the left side button on my Curve to activate it. Without looking I can find the button, wait a minute for the speaker phone to say "Say a command" from the speaker, then say "call home" into the headset and it works. Also, you still have to push buttons on the phone to take calls and hear the ringer with your open ear.

    It was very important to me since I live in California where, after July 1, it will be illegal to hold a cell phone to your head (or text/email) while driving. I've returned every BT headset I've bought (except the one I accidentally buried, which didn't work very well anyway) but since this Shure works so well in noisy environments, which is pretty much everywhere in my world, it's really great to have it working well with my new 8330. I missed it and am happy to have it usable again!

    I keep hoping that Shure will make a Bluetooth version of it but their headsets never got much attention so I doubt it'll ever happen. I'm OK with that though since the wired version works soooooooo much better that anything I've tried, even the Jawbone.

    Cardioid boom mics with foam windscreens cancel background and wind noise very well without affecting the sound of your voice so you can talk normally. Incoming audio is fed straight to your ear drum so you can turn the volume way down and enjoy a discrete conversation in almost any environment.

    In short...analog still rules, especially this Shure, and they're inexpensive now. They still make it but you won't find it at Best Buy:

    Shure - QuietSpot Boom Headset for Mobile Phones
    05-21-08 03:29 AM
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    It worked perfectly for a week but now some callers say the microphone cuts out intermittently. I can hear them fine so I don't know exactly what's happening but I'm pretty sure it has something to do with the long, rigid Radio Shack adapter that meets the 90 angle plug on my headset.

    It's very possible that I put too much stress on the Blackberry jack by trying to retrieve my phone after it fell on the car floor by pulling on the cord, maybe I loosened a PCB solder joint, I don't know. It's also quite possible that the adapter itself just isn't very well made...or something else I don't understand.

    I don't know how the BB is wired but I thought I was just shorting an input (which should cause no harm) but depending on how the adapter is wired, the mic might be trying to do double duty as speaker, I dunno. Uncharted territory.

    I'm trying to find something that's got a relatively small 1/8" jack for the Blackberry with a very short cord attached to a 2.5mm receptacle. If anyone knows where to get one let me know, please!

    There is no Bluetooth headset made today that remotely compares to the audio quality and noise rejection of the combo that worked so well for a week... With luck it's not a cold solder joint in the phone or a wiring mismatch that's ruining my headset so I can solve the problem with a better adapter, I just can't find one...

    In any case, I'm desperately trying to find a way to reliably use a wired 3-pin 2.5mm headset on the 8330's 4-pin jack. Thought I had it nailed but now it's causing problems.

    Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
    05-25-08 03:56 AM