1. KEyKeyDero's Avatar
    Can anyone suggest a windshield mount for BB's?
    (I tend to use my BB as a GPS)
    10-16-07 06:11 PM
  2. chinesecatt's Avatar
    If you are just looking for a windshield mount, I would suggest get the PanaVise Window mount with PortaGrip holder. This is what I have and this is awesome! I've had probably quite a few since I basically test and not everything can withstand the morning, noon and afternoon sun. The rubber that sticks to the windshield gets soft and oxidizes with too much sun exposure. But not this one. Grip is pretty tight! When I get the chance, I will take a photo inside my car, but for now, the photo here will do the work

    Ohhh forgot, Retails at $49.95/ea
    10-16-07 11:54 PM