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    A while ago I lost the sleeve for my Storm I was looking for a replacement, and i decided to use up some Best Buy giftcards that I got at a present. Since there is no best Buy in lethbridge yet, I went to their site to use them to buy This. The problem is, it does NOT say anywhere what Blackberry it is for, and I know that a case for the 9700 is 1mm to small to fit my Storm in, So I was wondering if anybody knows if this case is compatible with the Storm 9530? it won't get here for four days, but I'm pretty sure I can return it (and file a complaint with the BBB for false advertising and see if I can get a Bonus )
    05-06-10 11:19 PM
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    here's a reveiw for it.. so i think it'll work..
    | Blackberry Storm Leather Case with Clip April 05,2009
    by rob | woodbridge, ontario
    Overall Rating:5.0
    Found this case on sale at the BestBuy Mobile store.It's full leather with magnetic flap. It is secured by a 360 degree swivel belt clip.This case holds the phone firmly in place. There is just enough room to press the mute button at the top.Excellent quality at a low while on sale price.
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    05-06-10 11:23 PM
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    Mostly I'm worried because the info lists it as having "a plastic groove to protect the trackball" which is not Stormish.
    05-07-10 08:12 AM