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    I am in the mix in getting another BB and I had the 7100i from Nextel some ages ago and I had the Krusell Classic on that phone. That was probably the best phone case I ever had. I see that for the Curve they do not have the classic only the Cabriolet(man I hate that case). My question is that is there really a size difference between the 8830 and the Curve. I have looked at pics and I have not been to Sprint in a while and by the pics all the buttons on both sides of both phones line up and everything. I will be losing a hole for the camera but I rarely use it N E ways so I was wondering if I bought a classic that fits on the 8830 would it probably work on the Curve? Thanks.
    11-06-08 03:35 PM
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    I used a Krusell Classic for my Pearl (without the multidapt flap since I don't use a belt clip) and loved it and was bummed that they didn't make a Classic for the Curve. I bought the Cabriolet anyway but ended up giving it away because I use a neck lanyard and carry the bb upside down so the open-ended top wasn't a good idea and the fit was a bit snug so it was a pain to take it out to do a full battery pull. Plus, the back (I unstitched the back multidapt flap on this one too) of the Cabriolet felt too stiff so it was hard to hold the bb. Anyway, I bought an Aviator case which works fine and am waiting for my new Cellet Elite case which should arrive any day now.

    But if you are interested in something that is similar to the Classic, you could try the Glove Fit available here on CrackBerry.com:


    I've never seen it IRL but I was considering buying one before I got the Aviator.

    Oh, and to answer your question, I don't think the Classic case for the 88xx will fit the 83xx, at least not very well, so I don't think you'd be happy with it.
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