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    I had a pearl before that I used to keep in my leather case clipped to my belt. I dropped it a few times and last week was the final one as it stopped working after.

    So now I have a curve that I want to be very careful with. I have a clear case (something like this) on it, but I don't like putting it in my pocket as it is bulky. The clear case I have does have a belt clip, but then the screen is exposed towards the outside and Im scared of damaging it.

    I understand that because of the clear case the curve wont fit into the leather case designed for it, but do you think it will fit in a case designed for the 8800? Something like this?
    08-03-08 04:20 PM
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    Could a Mod please move this to the accessory section?
    08-03-08 04:30 PM
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    I have mine in a clear hard case and I slide the phone in a leather slide case I found. Its a tight fit....but works nicley. Pm me if u wanna know more. One case came from cb.com and the other did not.

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    08-03-08 04:37 PM