1. nedu09's Avatar
    Just wondering, has the OEM holster scratched the side of the chrome bezel? I am talking about the little scratches that appear on the bezel.
    11-19-09 09:33 AM
  2. samuels1289's Avatar
    Doubt it. I have an Epik case that protected the whole bezel. Btw, I have Tour.
    11-19-09 10:01 AM
  3. Procterboy's Avatar
    Nope hasn't scratched my bezel (using 9700). I found a good preventative though, to avoid scratches buy the phone a thin plastic case and keep it on the phone (covers the bezel) and buy a bb holster which is for a bigger model bb and it will allow you to put the phone with the case in the holster. Regarding other scratches it took my bold almost three years to show wear from sliding it in and out. Most wear was on the keypad and where it says blackberry at the top. I wouldn't worry about scratches if I were you I would just replace the housing when it gets scratched. I took my bold to a phone store and got oem bb housing with the bezel and keyboard installed for 20$

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    11-11-11 10:08 PM
  4. takuma089's Avatar
    Yeah. it will. eventually. My Bold 9000 got scratched at the bottom part of the Bezel.
    11-15-11 04:40 AM