1. Umairh's Avatar
    Will the 8330 with SEIDIO Rubberized hard skin fit in the SPE SIDE POUCH?
    06-29-08 06:17 AM
  2. Eggman961's Avatar
    Not sure what the SPE pouch is, but I have a side pouch I bought from the CB Store's Palm pseudonym and it fits perfectly. The case gives it just enough extra thickness that it fits in a case I had stretched a little w/ my old Treo.

    Hope that helps.
    06-29-08 10:44 AM
  3. Eggman961's Avatar
    Oh. SPE. Smart Phone Experts. Duh. Sorry. It's been a loooong two days.
    06-29-08 10:45 AM
  4. Eggman961's Avatar
    Y'know, I'm not sure my first (of many) post(s) made sense.

    I have a Seisedo (sp) case on my Curve. I have a side pouch case I used to carry my Treo in. Fits great. No problems.

    Peaches good. Spinach bad. Sleep needed.
    06-29-08 10:46 AM
  5. nrice's Avatar
    I don't know about the SPE pouch, but the 8330 with Seidio's rubberized hard case fits in Seidio's 8830 two-tone side pouch. Caveat: this pouch does not have a sleeper magnet.

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    06-29-08 11:10 AM