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    I've looked and can't figure out why RIM/Blackberry does not make a factory horizontal case (edit: POUCH)for the Curve 83xx...
    I realized upon re-reading that I meant a magnetic-closure horizontal pouch. Terminology, I guess.

    Unless I'm completely missing it hiding in plain view. If so, someone point it out.

    I'm not against aftermarket gear if it's any good. I suppose I've wasted enough time chasing other aftermarket "great deal" types of goods and got real tired real quick of the unknown. So my view has been to stick with the factory gear.

    I've read reviews about some of the cases sold on CB and elsewhere, and really like the sleeper function of the vertical cases, and would like a reliable source of a case that's able to be worn with a suit and not look pimpish. (sorry, can't think of another way to describe what I mean)

    If I'm missing it, show me. If this is redundant about such cases (pouches) forgive me. I've looked and seen a fair amount of info on the aftermarket cases, and I'm still curious why BB has not made one.

    Which has a good-look with a reliable sleeper and screen-in worn on right side?

    Info appreciated.

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    I have the vertical case and trun it sideways. That way it is horizontal. It will spin on the clip.

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    02-04-09 11:30 PM
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    I really like Siedio. I realize you asked for cases, however Siedio makes a great Holster which can be rotated to be horizontal. It does have the magnet so that the BB goes into sleep mode. Another nice feature the holster has a felt like material so that it doesn't scratch the BB.

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    02-05-09 02:02 PM