02-09-09 04:40 PM
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  1. cgull's Avatar
    PS and OEM holster FTW. Although, I wonder how PS would do on a pavement drop.

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    02-08-09 06:41 AM
  2. teach5thga's Avatar
    Thanks for all the ideas.....I am a dufus though, cannot get the screen protector to stay on. What am I doing wrong?
    02-08-09 07:04 AM
  3. cgull's Avatar
    The factory plastic is not a real screen protector.

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    02-08-09 07:09 AM
  4. RBernier's Avatar
    I'm not saying to leave the phone bare, but there is a happy medium between a phone that could get damaged and a phone that looks so hideous you might as well let it get damaged. Like I said above, my phone uses either the silicone case or the OEM leather holster. I have dropped it in the silicone and nothing happens to it. I used to throw my 8830 across the room cause I knew it was fine in the silicone.

    By the time you spend $40+ on a case you could just pay the insurance claim to get a new phone. But with such an ugly case, what exactly are you protecting? The beauty of your phone? You'll never see it so why bother protecting it?
    What do you care how people choose to protect the investment that they, not you, paid for. You don't want to protect your phone - don't do it. But, find something else to waste your time being concerned about rather than what other people choose to do. It doesn't effect you - don't worry about it.
    02-08-09 07:21 AM
  5. coreyoli's Avatar
    When you come do my Job then, you will know why I use them...... Then we will talk.

    Just my .02
    I was thinking the same thing about the fire dept. I've gotten in the habbit of leaving my phone in my locker when I go on a fire call.. Ambulance calls I'll take it, but fire calls, I really have no use for it anyway... Lol...

    02-08-09 08:26 PM
  6. PhatTimmy's Avatar
    I'm extremely paranoid about the dust issue, and that's why I'm going to buy an Otterbox.
    02-08-09 11:22 PM
  7. claustin's Avatar
    nope, no military, just love Full Metal Jacket

    and I like attention!!!, lol
    HA! Yeah that was gonna be my guess. Great flick.

    I agree in my dislike for big bulky cases and would prefer to be able to not use one at all as i like to show off the elegance of the device, not to mention keep it in my pocket. I despise belt hooks and holsters, as well as silicon cases (look cheap). However, I also like keeping my gadgets in good shape. I bought a snap-on hard case at the verizon store that has a chrome-like front and dark smoke slightly transparent back that mimics the visual aesthetics of the phone and i'm pretty happy with it other than it is slightly bulkier than i would prefer. I'll probably go to the black innocase II surface case when i get tired of this one. I tried something similar to the bodyguardz skin on my old iPhone, and it was great, but after a few months it started yellowing and looked kinda gross, so I won't be doing that again.
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    02-09-09 01:58 PM
  8. colls's Avatar
    dont really do phone cases, it hides the beauty of the phone, just like the arabs hide their women. thats why i got insurance, scuff and scratches mean, my carrier hear from me about another fault with handset, get a new one, just like most men do with women, sorted.
    02-09-09 04:40 PM
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