08-12-11 10:30 AM
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  1. 312's Avatar
    "Unfortunately we have not made a final decision on the development of products for that device at this time."

    Uh yeah..."Unfortunately" for THEM. How nave can they possibly be??

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    08-08-11 07:06 PM
  2. tucker0421's Avatar
    Do u think carriers (VZW in my case) will be selling cases when the bold is finally released?
    08-08-11 07:50 PM
  3. jgaspar89's Avatar
    cases are terrible
    08-08-11 08:25 PM
  4. oscarod's Avatar

    Hello Customer,

    Thank you for contacting Seidio. Unfortunately we have not made a final decision on the development of products for that device at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience. If you have any further questions, please give us a call at 832-204-1118.

    Thank you
    Seidio Online
    Looks like you alerted them to a new opportunity! Isn't this RIM's flagship phone? No doubt they will have stuff ready before the device comes out. Most of their case designs are similar and small adjustments will probably be required from phone to phone. Though, what do I know about their method :P
    08-09-11 12:09 AM
  5. twigg's Avatar
    I'll be rocking the black hard shell case and a screen protector. It's clean and simple. Personally, I think the soft cases make it look cheap and plasticky. Just my two cents.
    08-09-11 01:25 AM
  6. Emu the Foo's Avatar
    Maybe, just maybe I will with that official BlackBerry skin.

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    08-09-11 02:09 AM
  7. flyersfan76's Avatar
    I saw Coach sleeves yesterday that looked simple for nice leather. Hermes has one also but it costs more than any phone on the market.

    Not sure if the Coach would fit that well as it might be too long to have enough left over to be able to pull the phone out when needed.

    The RIM hard cases look pretty cool but I need to see them in person before I make a concrete decision.

    Seidio just makes me laugh. They never decided on the Playbook either. Their redesigned Storm cases made the touch screen unusable. I had to cut mine to make it work. They are an accessories partner which mean they probably have a mock up device already. The funny thing is they do not make anything out of the ordinarily for the Xoom and they have a space on the site for it. How hard is it to create a section on the site for the Playbook and sell the same stuff as the Xoom?

    I have used their stuff since my Treo days. But is is hard to understand some of the designs that they have come up with for touch screen phones.
    08-09-11 06:50 AM
  8. Redefined's Avatar
    I'm hoping Ghost Armor will have the full body 9900 protection readily available soon. I'll likely get it done via their employees at the stand as well.
    08-09-11 11:46 PM
  9. Babybananaa's Avatar
    I'm thinking about getting a screen protector, but I can't remember which one it is, um it's the one where you can get your key and scratch it to death and it'd be okay? Do anyone remember what it is?

    I'm also getting a hard back cover case. It may get damaged when I'm travelling it either in my pocket or bag.
    08-10-11 07:20 AM
  10. jen71's Avatar
    I ordered a Vaja case in anticipation of the 9930. I'm using one for my 9650 now...it does add some size to the phone, but I like that the front cover has the magnet. That way, I can use the in-holster profile settings without actually keeping it in a holster. Still need to order a screen protector, though.
    08-10-11 08:48 AM
  11. Omar20v's Avatar
    i saw a lether case on blackberry.com but i dont see it anymore, i think that's the only thing that catched my attention
    08-10-11 09:54 AM
  12. BBFTW88's Avatar

    Going to get a Case Mate Barely There case and use that for a couple of months
    08-10-11 10:26 AM
  13. Mykl's Avatar
    just ordered the otterbox impact. Gives me something to wait for while I wait for the thing I am really waiting for...
    08-10-11 10:42 AM
  14. jhamilton3#CB's Avatar
    The white hard-shell case in Kevin's accessories video at BB7-FanNight is pretty appealing.. might have to get one of those even though I typically don't use cases on my devices.
    08-10-11 10:42 AM
  15. DeeDudnath's Avatar
    The holster in the rogers box and a nice screen protector!
    08-10-11 10:48 AM
  16. oscarod's Avatar
    Looks very similar to the BB soft shell but it's half the price. Ordered and received.

    feels great in my hand. now to find the phone to put it on..
    08-10-11 12:21 PM
  17. Redefined's Avatar
    Are there any cases, soft are hard, that has the back-middle (the carbon fibre woven battery door) exposed? I'd really like to keep that as visible as possible, seeing as I love the look of it. The translucent case just doesn't seem to do it for me though.

    Either that or I'm going to wait for full body protection from Ghost Armor.
    08-10-11 04:49 PM
  18. hellokurva's Avatar
    First post, anticipating this device just as much as you all are!

    I think I want to get the bb soft shell case in bottle green as seen here on the website. Looks pretty funky and you can still see the nice steel band through the cover.

    I'm wondering though, where I can check these out in person? I know my local Verizon stores didn't have any OEM cases for blackberry when I bought my last berry, and I want to be able to get a feel for the amount of coverage this one will provide before i buy it.
    08-10-11 05:01 PM
  19. twigg's Avatar
    Ugh, they're sold out on shop.blackberry.com, the Black Hard Cases I mean.
    08-10-11 05:03 PM
  20. archpopoy's Avatar
    Does the soft shell case still work with the holster?


    OK I have gotten a chance to try it at a T-Booth retail store in Richmond Centre and it's a no go. It does look really good though.
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    08-12-11 10:30 AM
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