06-25-08 12:45 AM
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  1. bmcclure937's Avatar
    I was curious who all still uses the case that came with your Blackberry Curve

    I have only had my Curve for a short time now, but the case included with my berry seems to get the job done so far. I know there are other alternatives... but I am not totally convinced I need something else yet.

    Let me know if you still use the OEM case as well!!
    06-05-08 09:14 PM
  2. oomph's Avatar
    I use the OEM case, it's great
    06-05-08 09:15 PM
  3. cutdacheck2003's Avatar
    I have never used that case its ugly and very pointless. I use the holster aftermarket but thats what I like. See what other people say.
    06-05-08 09:16 PM
  4. SebasCvdB's Avatar
    I use it, ugly? pointless? hmmm why? It protects the phone pretty good and it saves from them annoying ones that you have to clip on your belt.
    06-05-08 09:20 PM
  5. mrmoe110's Avatar
    I use it when I wanna put my curve in my pocket.
    06-05-08 09:22 PM
  6. bmcclure937's Avatar
    Thanks for the quick responses everyone!! It is nice to get some other opinions!

    Hopefully this thread can get some attention and take off. I personally like the fact that the OEM is fairly minimal, it includes the sleeper magnet and it is free!!
    06-05-08 09:23 PM
  7. amazinglygraceless's Avatar
    I chucked that thing the day I got my phone.
    06-05-08 09:24 PM
  8. cutdacheck2003's Avatar
    I chucked that thing the day I got my phone.
    Somebody finally feels my pain.
    06-05-08 09:26 PM
  9. sheena.lee's Avatar
    I don't like how it doesn't protect the top, and the Curve doesn't fit with the rubber skin on it.

    I'm the type who'll buy accessories for my phone, compulsively. I have a leather side case, a belt clip case (for biking, going purseless, etc), a rubber skin, a bunch of screen protectors and this evening I bought the Best Skins Ever skin...

    Yeah, screw the OEM case I need real protection. No scratches allowed!
    06-05-08 09:33 PM
  10. Guy from SU's Avatar
    I use it when I wanna put my curve in my pocket.
    I do the same. I don't think it's too bulky in the OEM case. It's no bigger than the Treo 755p which is what I had prior to the Curve. No harm, no foul and most importantly no scratches on my hot new Curve!!
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    06-05-08 09:54 PM
  11. shadygrady's Avatar
    my wife has been using hers for 5 months with no problems.
    06-05-08 10:19 PM
  12. Edd_CB's Avatar
    I use it when I wanna put my curve in my pocket.
    Same here.. otherwise I also have the hybrid case from Seidio for holster.
    06-05-08 10:24 PM
  13. mattscrack's Avatar
    I just got my phone on tuesday so I am still useing it but I am going to go with a skin and a screen protector. I like to keep my phone in my pocket and going from a flip phone to this, I want to keep the size as small as possible
    06-05-08 10:30 PM
  14. jcj1's Avatar
    I use the pouch, is better than most cases out there as dont like the styles. I liked the hard case with belt clip
    06-05-08 10:39 PM
  15. IrishJK09's Avatar
    I keep my keys in my right front pocket and my money clip/wallet "thing" in my left front. I can't stand having too much crap in my pockets, and with the aforementioned items taking up space, I refuse to not use a belt holster. That said, I haven't seen the included case since the day I bought my Curve.

    Which brings me to a better question... Why did RIM stop including real holsters? Both my 8703 and my 8830 came with a magnet holster, and it was great because it saved me $20-$30.
    06-05-08 10:56 PM
  16. Sethkj's Avatar
    I still use mine - I bought the Seido Rubberized Black Case for the Curve the other night. I'm waiting for it to be shipped. I always put my phone in my pocket. To me the holster looks bulky. That's just me.
    06-05-08 11:04 PM
  17. BMF's Avatar
    I used to use the holster that came with the phone and loved it. But what got me was having to take it out of my pocket and then take it out of the holster. Very annoying at bars and when I'm out and about. I use a screen protector and a skin now.
    06-05-08 11:55 PM
  18. Helstar's Avatar
    I currenly use the OEM, I am however looking into a holster
    06-06-08 12:01 AM
  19. LegionPrime's Avatar
    I have a silicone skin I keep it in here when I'm around the house but I always use the stock case when I go anywhere outside.
    06-06-08 12:39 AM
  20. surfanimal's Avatar
    I do every now and then, used it for a long time until I got a case-mate
    06-06-08 02:30 AM
  21. Acid's Avatar
    I use it. because it was free, and I'm not a working person so I can't afford anything else. I've had my phone for a month and not a scratch. It's protected it very well. Although, I will say it took me a long time to figure out what way the blackberry goes in. if there was another part some where i was missing? (thought it was a clip on holster) but i like it. It's kind of annoying pulling it out of the pouch when i have to make a call or let someone use my phone.
    06-06-08 03:10 AM
  22. benkild's Avatar
    I still use the pouch that came with mine. Its simple, slim enough, and functional. Only problem now is its starting to rub through the paint in several different places. But, that's the prices of an addict that pulls it out several hundred times a day.

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    06-06-08 04:54 AM
  23. Username5300's Avatar
    I use an otter box for mine. I need it as it protects my curve from all my work elements and my butterfingers.
    06-06-08 05:15 AM
  24. CON-D's Avatar
    I still do. I'm thinking about getting a case but not sure which one yet and I'm not in a hurry to buy one either.

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    06-06-08 05:38 AM
  25. ualman's Avatar
    Still use mine. Protects it, it's functional and it's free ;-)
    Might get something else, but for now it's all I need.
    06-06-08 06:03 AM
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