11-29-08 02:38 PM
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  1. kittiesplay's Avatar
    I have silicone cover and a Liz Claiborne Wristlet pouch, both from the verizon store. The silicone protects it when it's out and i put it in the pouch when it's in my purse or pockets and use the wristlet when i'm carrying it in my hand. It fits perfect in the pouch with the silicone cover on and it puts it locks it (i'm not sure if this is the same as sleep mode). For those who are into the wristlet puch thing (aka the men, LOL). Verizon also had a dark brown leather pouch with belt clip that also fits the phone very nice with the silicone cover on it.

    Pouch Wristlet link
    11-29-08 01:33 PM
  2. cpels7's Avatar
    Not sure if this suits your needs, but I ordered an invisibleSHIELD to protect my storm. Some friends have it for their phones and they love it, so I figured I'd give it a shop. I'm still awaiting it in the mail so I will post when I receive it.
    11-29-08 01:43 PM
  3. JulieJHawk's Avatar
    I have a plastic holster that I bought at Best Buy that you put the Storm into with the faceplate facing in. My question is... when the phone is in sleep mode in the holster should I still be getting AUDIO alerts for email and texts??? I have the settings set to "Sound in Holster--Yes". I would think it should sound, but it is NOT. Is anyone else having this problem??
    11-29-08 02:06 PM
  4. matrix2004's Avatar
    If you buy the BB holster, make sure you put your storm in upside down (buttons on top). My red button bent away from the phone and partially broke when I attempted to take it out of the holster with the phone stored buttons down. I believe it was the newer model since I bought it two days after the launch.
    That's the one i have and will return. Take a look at the buttons from an angle and see if there are scuff marks. I will probably get the leather sleeve or a silicon one.
    11-29-08 02:15 PM
  5. Stang68's Avatar
    Seidio Seidio Seidio!!! Until it comes out from them I have been using my old 8330 case. It puts the Storm to sleep so I am good for now!
    11-29-08 02:28 PM
  6. 808bb's Avatar
    Using Invisible Shield and My old Curve holster.
    11-29-08 02:38 PM
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