1. ewylie11's Avatar
    I just bought a BB Pink 8300 and I wan to know what the best body skin glove thing to get? I'd like a glove that wont slip off, durable, and should I look into getting a screen protector as well? The skins with the zebra and different designs on them are they decent are crappy? Thanks
    10-21-09 12:27 PM
  2. mcll's Avatar
    I would at least check out phantomskinz.com, they are having a two for one deal going on
    10-21-09 12:50 PM
  3. K1drobt's Avatar
    I would highly recommend a screen protector. I've seen other peoples Blackberries and can't imagine if mine was like that with the screen scratched up to that extreme. Their really cheap as well. Any screen protector would do. DealExtreme: Cool Gadgets at the Right Price - Site-Wide Free Shipping (Page 1) has some ones that cover up the entire screen including the upper top screen where it says BlackBerry where most screen protectors don't cover that part. dealextreme has free shipping as well.
    10-21-09 01:44 PM
  4. TheSultan's Avatar
    Never used a case...but on my Curve I had a Best Skins Ever, Inc. Home Page
    10-21-09 01:46 PM