1. sa21189's Avatar
    i just got myself a curve 8900 and am trying to find the perfect case that doesn't add bulk. i really like the incipio feather but im afraid the parts that the case doesn't cover will get scratched, like the bottom chrome part and the top. should i just get a silicone gel case instead?
    08-11-09 09:01 PM
  2. ohgeez's Avatar
    I have the BlackBerry Koskin Holster, gel case and OEM pouch. Depending on where I'm going or if I'm at work, will depend on what I use.

    For work I have the holster. When I'm out and about, I use the gel case. When I'm have drinks with friends or out on "the town" then I use the pouch.

    I'm sure you'll get lots of responses on what they use and why.


    P.S. dont forget to change your profile to 8900.
    08-11-09 09:34 PM