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    I am planning on getting this phone but I have a problem. I currently have a 9650 with an Otterbox Defender case because of the type of work I do this is necessary. I have contacted Otterbox and at this time they do not plan on making a Defender for the 9850, anyone care to speculate why? I really need the ruggedness of this type of case. What solutions have you come up with? Is anyone using the Commuter in combination with some type of holster/clip?

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    09-08-11 11:18 AM
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    Strange, been almost 24 hours and no response. So no one uses a case?
    09-09-11 07:47 AM
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    I am getting my 9850 today from VZW I am one who needs a holster I don't like to carry my phone in my pocket so as I checked out yesterday I chose the accessory from VZW not rugged though. The phone is too new I think it will be a while for more case choices to come out. Unfortunately I think you would be better served to wait a while for better cases to come out. Also will probably drop in price as well.
    09-09-11 08:31 AM
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    09-09-11 08:52 AM
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    Otterbox does have the lower protection Commuter and Impact cases for the 9860/9850, but not a Defender.

    I had an email exchange with them; and they claimed they could not do a Defender Case because the phone is a slider.

    I corrected their misconception; and they indicated they would put in a request for a Defender Case. Just how long that will take is not known.
    09-09-11 09:54 AM
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    09-09-11 12:07 PM
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    I work in concrete construction and have the impact with an invisible shield. Both work very well for me. Typing in landscape takes some getting used to. The bottom row of characters takes more practice since there's not as much room. For quick texting I use the reduced keyboard in potrait. That works great.

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    09-09-11 04:42 PM
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    Robby I am in the construction field as well and the Defender has saved my phone.
    Here is the email conversation I have had with OtterBox:
    Will you be releasing the Defender case for the Torch 9850?
    I am sorry, but it doesnt look like we will have the Defender case for the 9850, below is a link for the cases we do offer for that phone.
    BlacKBerry Torch 9850/9860 Cases // OtterBox.com
    Please let me know if I can help you with anything else.
    Kelly Steinway
    Customer Service Representative
    P: (888) 695-8820

    Is there any particular reason why it will not be offered?
    Does the Commuter come with a holster?

    I do apologize, the Commuter series does not have a holster. Our design and marketing teams work hard to determine where the greatest interest is depending on the phones. At this time they have decided there wouldnt be enough interest. However, I have submitted a product suggestion on your behalf and would recommend keeping an eye on our website, as well as, becoming a fan of ours on Facebook. It will have the most up to date information on any new releases that we may have. Please let me know if you have any further questions.


    Kelly Steinway
    Customer Service Representative
    P: (855) 688-7269

    So that kind of stinks. It won't stop me from getting this phone, it will just cause me to be creative in finding a solution. It does look like if more of us who do want the Defender keep emailing them, maybe they will come up with one.
    09-10-11 07:18 AM
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    i know it is still new to the marked, but with my storm 2 i have been using seidio case and locking holster, i am hoping by time i am eligible for an upgrade in november they have it... seidioonline.com
    check em out
    09-10-11 09:12 AM
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    I have a two toned. Body glove case and I love the look and feel

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    09-10-11 09:35 AM
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    I will be sure to e mail them. It is an inconvenience not having a holster, but for now not much we can do. I will probobly buy the first good one with a holster.

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    09-10-11 09:57 AM
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    I'm using the 9850 Otterbox Commuter Case and included screen protector with the 9800 belt holster (I just ordered the 9800 pocket pouch because the top flap on the belt holster is not long enough to close over the device and I wanted to test the sleep function before I ordered the Pocket Pouch). I used my Commuter Cased 9650 to stretch the 9800 Torch belt holster a bit (just the initial 2/3s, otherwise it gets stuck something fierce). It seems to work so far and it puts the device to sleep. The 9850 looks and feels better in my hands (psychological comfort bias maybe? lol). It's a pain to get the Commuter case on the 9850 the first time but after that, relatively easy once you know how.

    I went with the 9800 holster/pocket pouch choice because I had an old 9800 holster and the stated dimensions of the 9800 device looked as if the holsters might fit a Commuter Cased 9850. Hopefully, this combo can work for the other members.
    09-10-11 03:02 PM
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    I have the Otterbox Commuter on mine......for some reason I always get dust under the protector...so I will probably get another screen protector. But the case is awesome. I bought a generic side phone holster at VZW and it fits fine with the Otterbox on it. A little big without it.
    09-10-11 06:20 PM