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    I recently took apart my 8900 to fix the trackball. I realized as I took it appart how easy it would be to paint it. I have always hated the silver bezel on it, so I am thinking I am going to paint it black or charcoal, or maybe go crazy and do it a green or red to match one of the key colours.

    Anyway, was wondering on suggestions for what kind of paint to use. I was thinking Testor's model paint. Should I give it a light sand first?

    Any tips appreciated.

    10-30-09 08:57 AM
  2. BlairH's Avatar
    I just did this to my old scratched bezel.
    I sanded it down, then used some white spray paint I found in the garage.
    gave it 2 coats, with a light sand in between.

    It wasn't the best job, i just wanted to see what it looked like in white.
    One thing i didn't do, was lacquer it after painting, so after a day or 2 the paint had rubbed away, or other things had marked it.
    But id definitely recommend some spray paint, rather than brushing it on, assuming thats the type of model paint you're on about.
    10-30-09 10:59 AM
  3. snowsquirrel's Avatar
    Hmmm... I wonder if local hobby shop sells spray on model paint.

    edit: looks like they do. maybe I'll pick some up tonight. I'll post the results if I do it.

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    10-30-09 11:20 AM