1. Redsand353's Avatar
    Last year I bought an Innocase II for my Storm and couldn't have been happier. The fit was great and all around it was just an awesome case. I ordered the Innocase snap for my Tour back in the fall and it was a great case but it decided to crack a couple weeks ago so I bought the Innocase II for the Tour instead....

    WHAT HAPPENED??? I put the case on and the phone does not line up correctly in it. You can clearly see much more of the chrome bezel showing on the right side of the phone then the left. Also, where each side of the case connects, you can see the seam flare out, (not lined up nearly as nice as the storm version). Also, the case is very creaky in my hand....as I type I can hear the case making noise....

    Also, the spring lock holster is noisy when I move around where the locking piece is.

    Is the quality of Seidio's products going downhill? Or did I just get a bad one? I love my storm Innocase II. I'm pretty let down...but maybe I am just being too anal?
    03-27-10 07:31 AM
  2. sniper27's Avatar
    my innocase II for the 9700 fits fine. maybe it's just that one. call them and get a replacement.
    03-27-10 02:47 PM