1. XxXjacobXxX's Avatar
    I Just bought this great case from Rocketfish mobile At Best Buy It was only $19.99+tax its a great case im a dork for the color red in cell cases so thats the color i got they also have Black,Clear,And Gun Cobalt I Will Reccomend This Case To Anybody!

    I Am Very Happy With My Cell Case

    They Dont Have The Red Case On The website but here is the link BestBuy.com - Search Results

    I Hope You Enjoy These Cases
    07-31-09 03:07 PM
  2. misterzeno225's Avatar
    I'm still rockin the palm sleeve that came with my phone, no case yet.

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    07-31-09 03:15 PM
  3. XxXjacobXxX's Avatar
    thats funny
    07-31-09 03:21 PM
  4. ame's Avatar
    I carry it in a red BuiltNYC Hoodie case
    BUILT : Hoodie Camera Case

    I bought mine at OfficeMax though.

    I also still have that screen protector it came with on. But I have the Touchstone back on so I didn't buy that Rocketfish since it doesn't work with the Touchstone. I am debating if I want a Seidio case that will work with it....I wasn't thrilled with their stuff in the past.
    08-03-09 09:41 AM
  5. bigalemos's Avatar
    yeah i had a case on mine, but i just didn't like it, i hate when i tried to use the "back" feature and my finger kept hitting the side of the case, so i'm just rocking a screen protector and the sleeve that case with it for now.

    i was also wanting to get a touch stone, do you guys know if there are any small cases out there that will alow touchstone charging with the case back still on?
    08-08-09 12:35 PM
  6. XxXjacobXxX's Avatar
    One drom sedido works with the touch stone but the one from rocketfish dosent

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    08-08-09 02:55 PM
  7. DougB541#CB's Avatar
    I'm using the included pouch.
    08-12-09 12:50 AM