08-30-08 11:39 PM
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  1. tomms's Avatar
    try martin overlay from doml.sg quality is very good...

    i use it for my BB 8820 and vaio TZ

    or if you can find micro-solutions for ipod classic 80gb it's perfecty fit 88xx and 83xx screen...also very thin material non adhesive glossy with anti-reflection coating and very scratch proof,made in japan...same like sony vaio TZ screen if you want to compare coating type...

    I already try many screen protector for many devices like:

    Brando,Mcally,Fellowes,invisible shield,taku or capdase,3M(pre cut),screen guardz,and many other brand but i just find above brand is the best.

    01-05-08 04:59 PM
  2. rhodi22's Avatar
    I purchased one (can't remember the brand name right now) at the AT&T store for about 15.00, I would not recommend this one. Although it was easy to apply and you got like 20 replacements, the screen resolution after putting it on was distorted. It takes away the crystal clear screen.

    I just ordered the invisibleSHIELD about 1 and 1/2 months ago, it took a week and a half to get here. Then when i opened it the box was torn up, looks like it got wet (so I don't know if that was good ole UPS or them). Plus they shipped me the wrong kind, they sent me a 8800 instead of 8320. I could never get customer service on the phone so i sent an email. After a week I finally got a email back that another one is being shipped to me. I don't mind the screw up (because we all make them) but in the email that was sent to me it stated nothing about sorry for the mistake or we are sending you your correct order, all it stated was the shipping Id for tracking. I still have not recieved anything and it has been another week.

    So I hope invisible shields product is better than their service...
    01-06-08 03:34 PM
  3. TLD1's Avatar

    So I hope invisible shields product is better than their service...
    It is. Almost a shame to admit it, but the product is first-rate...unlike the ZAGG customer service. Your experience with the make-up order almost mimics mine...except while I waited almost a month for my product, I kept getting regular emails from them about how appreciative they were for my business...and even got emails from the CEO of ZAGG telling me how great everything was going to be...while asking me to be patient with their shipping issues.

    I'm sure I'll be getting another BlackBerry soon...and probably will order another InvisibleShield product, but I hope they have gotten their act together by then.
    01-06-08 04:35 PM
  4. Thomas843's Avatar
    01-07-08 08:18 AM
  5. slayer's Avatar
    Are most of you using just the screen protectors or the full body protectors. I'm trying to decide which to order and would be interested in suggestions. I'm planning to buy from either invisibleshield or boxwave if that helps.
    01-16-08 03:13 PM
  6. wase4711's Avatar
    Well, I finally heard from them, after 2 days of emails and voice mails..they credited my CC after recieving the defective product..I ended up getting one from "best skins ever.com"; they were only 1/3rd the price, went on better that Invisible shield, and only cost 8 bucks, including shipping for a full body shield. The ends stayed down better during installation, and I had only one small air bubble that I was able to get rid of once the water dried up a little..
    Save yourself almost 70%, and check them out!
    01-16-08 03:36 PM
  7. cindylov4's Avatar
    Good Job! I ordered mine from there too.
    01-16-08 03:43 PM
  8. Zak8022's Avatar
    Even tho i have an BSE skin on order... can anyone tell me how the BSE and Invisible Sheild skins adhere to the device? Mainly, are either of them removeable in the long run? Or do they have adhesive that will not come off nicely if/when i ever need to replace it?

    Or, is it simply that i'll never need to replace one of them?

    Sorry for the silly question.. but i havent seen anyone else ask or explain this.
    01-21-08 09:15 PM
  9. wase4711's Avatar
    well, I had my invisble shield product on for 3 days, and was able to grab a corner, since it did not adhere well to the side edge corner, and just peel it up and off..did that to all the other sections as well, and it peeled off pretty clean..not a problem at all, but not sure how it would be if it was on for a few months or longer...
    01-21-08 09:18 PM
  10. slayer's Avatar
    I just received my order from BestSkinsEver, but there is simply no way I am going to put soapy water all over my BB. Are there any screen protectors that don't require this?
    01-24-08 05:39 AM
  11. wase4711's Avatar
    if you turn it off, and remove the battery, and dab it dry once it has started to dry, its no big deal...just use the LEAST amount of soapy solution yoiu can to position it, and it will be fine...You can get SCREEN PROTECTORS that require NO FLUID to protect the screen, but ALL FULL BODY PROTECTORS, like this one, will require a liquid to help position the protection properly, and, to get the special adhesive to activate.
    Phones DO GET WET at times, and it rarely hurts them, unless you submerge them..
    01-24-08 08:52 AM
  12. Tre Lawrence's Avatar
    Four years I have used ScreenPatronus. They are great, usually three to a pack and the price is fair, and shipping is quick. Google for their website, or check eBay.

    I have never had a problem with them. I keep one on for 2-3 months and change when I need to.
    Agreed. Great product, and made to fit.
    01-24-08 10:59 PM
  13. slayer's Avatar
    I just ordered from Boxwave. I should have went with them in the first place since I had such a positive experience with their PDA screen protectors on my Axim.
    01-25-08 05:38 AM
  14. cheungsta's Avatar
    so this is what I've decided to go with for my new Curve...

    - Best Ever Skin screen protector (Bestskinsever.com)
    - OEM rubber silicon skin (eBay)
    - OEM black 'n tan leather horizontal pouch (eshoplimited.com)

    hopefully that's enough protection...lol
    01-26-08 12:55 PM
  15. bikerider's Avatar
    Put it on this weekend and so far so good. Crystal clear protection and perfect fit - I got the full body kit.
    01-30-08 08:46 PM
  16. MystikPeril's Avatar
    I couldn't be happier with my BSE screen skin, especially since it completely hid the small scratch on my screen, leaving me with a brand new looking screen!
    08-30-08 11:39 PM
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