1. Cutty48's Avatar
    I just got my first BB (Curve 8310). Which is the best car charger for the money? Specifically, I want something durable, fast charging and with a long enough cord so that it doesn't pull out if put the phone to my ear while it's plugged in.

    My old Treo car chargers would typically break within a couple of months and want to make sure that I get a decent one for my BB.

    Thank you in advance for any advice...
    10-26-07 10:13 AM
  2. prollyoutriding88's Avatar
    I went to my local retailer and got the 20$ one for the lighter sockets, I know there's cheaper ones at wal mart and stores like that but it was well worth the 20$ iv had it since I got my razor a year and a half ago

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    10-26-07 10:18 AM
  3. Adam Zeis's Avatar
    I would think that they are the same for the most part. You can snag cheap ones on eBay but they will be less durable. The more pricey ones are better made and will last longer. I'm fairly sure there isn't one that charges any faster than the other though. I usually get the inexpensive ones off eBay and if you don't beat the crap out of them they will serve you well. But it for some reason you beat it up I'd look around for something better.
    10-26-07 10:22 AM
  4. ofelas's Avatar
    Out of curiosity, why not the OEM one from BlackBerry?
    11-10-07 09:32 PM
  5. Adrian's Avatar
    I'm currently using the Motorola car charger that I had for my RAZR. USB is USB. I like it because it has the blue charging light and I can use it for my BB Pearl and my Motorola BT earpiece.
    11-10-07 09:38 PM
  6. daddybear's Avatar
    usb IS usb.. but not all batteries charge at he same rate..if you use one that is for a higher rated battery you could actually shorten the life of yours...

    11-11-07 07:12 AM
  7. talon0775's Avatar
    I compared the OEM wall charger for my V3Razr to the OEM BB charger and they have the same output voltage an current, so I came to the conclusion (and verified on the packaging of the car charger) that my Belkin charger for my V3 also fits the BB, the package says Motorolla and RIM (BlackBerry). Hope this helps.

    PS: I've had this charger for almost 2 full years and use it regularly and it has held up fine. Even has a micro blade (small automotive type) fuse you can change without taking it apart.
    11-26-07 05:03 PM
  8. sho95's Avatar
    This has been working great for me:
    Combo Car Charger + Travel Charger for Motorola V3/V3X/U6/L7/V360/W385
    I payed 5.99 w/shipping last week.
    11-26-07 07:40 PM
  9. leepmon's Avatar
    I have an 8830- I was at the store tonight and they told me that you should not use the Razr v3 charger as it will "kill your phone." I thought that it should compatible because they are both USB.

    Anyone care to weigh in?

    My 8830 stopped charging over Thanksgiving and I had to get it replaced today (no clue how that happened- they asked me if it had been scanned in an airport and that I should have it hand inspected- not going to happen)
    11-26-07 11:00 PM
  10. stcybrry's Avatar
    RadioShack has a really nice product called the iGo. It is essentially a universal charger. You buy the main unit (either for home or car etc.) for $30, and get one free tip. Then the next time you need a car charger, rather than having a bunch of cords and chargers in your car, you just switch out the tips. I've found it to be very helpful...
    11-29-07 06:04 PM
  11. dmnall's Avatar
    Well I bought an oem rim charger off of ebay for $ 9.50 shipped brand new sealed up! I had tried a moto v3 generic charger and it charged too slowly, which prompted me to buy oem.


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    12-16-07 01:16 AM
  12. SoCalBBr's Avatar
    I bought a Monster low profile car charger on Amazon for $6.00 + shipping.
    Had I known what I do now I'd have kept all my Razr chargers.
    12-16-07 05:45 PM
  13. Joebar#CB's Avatar
    Anyone have any experience with the retractable cable car chargers? Look pretty cool...
    12-16-07 05:54 PM
  14. silver's Avatar
    I am using a the iGo car charger. My whole family uses it.
    12-16-07 06:32 PM
  15. silver's Avatar
    Anyone have any experience with the retractable cable car chargers? Look pretty cool...
    the retractable cords are cool. but sometimes they just stop retracting. happened to my mouse..
    12-16-07 08:50 PM
  16. Curve's Avatar
    I am using a the iGo car charger. My whole family uses it.
    i also use the iGo charger. i only payed $23 for mine tho.
    12-16-07 11:27 PM
  17. silver's Avatar
    i got mine a few days ago through ebay. paid 16shipped. It also came with the A32 adapter as well. what a score.
    12-16-07 11:34 PM
  18. yogi's Avatar
    You may find it on ebay of course, but for me I paid $9.99 with the shipping. The seller was in U.S, and I am in Canada.
    12-17-07 11:25 AM
  19. Blacklatino's Avatar
    I also used my Razr charger in the office or the car charger. They're good for something

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    12-20-07 08:55 PM
  20. tswartz3's Avatar
    any insites to the motorola OEM charger that has the micro USB charger for the new storm, i ordered one today on ebay, it works for the dare and many other newer devices
    11-16-08 04:32 PM
  21. rerickson's Avatar
    iGo doesn't list a tip for the Storm, which uses micro-USB instead of mini. Any idea whether they've got one that's not listed correctly, or are we out of luck for now?

    Since I already have an iGo car adapter, it'd be great to find a compatible tip. Have been very pleased with it for my old LG phone.
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    11-19-08 05:10 PM
  22. JM12345's Avatar
    I would recommend finding a USB Plugin car charger. You will never have to buy a car charger again.

    I got mine at BestBuy for $20 and it has 2 USB ports. I plug in my Bold and JB2 charger. Its perfect because its universal. I went on a ride to NYC with weekend with my friend from Albany, he needed to charge his iPhone 3G so he brought his USB cable and boom...everything is fine.
    11-24-08 02:18 PM
  23. itips's Avatar
    i use the blackberry igo charger as well
    11-24-08 09:39 PM