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    Okay, so I've had my pearl 8120 for almost two years now, and I love it and haven't had any real issues with it (knock on wood).

    So, I recently wired-up a custom Aux input for an old car CD player in my wife's car so she can listen to her iPod or BB without an FM transmitter by adding a 1/8" receptacle where the CD player usually sends an audio signal to the internal amp. Then, I went to test my mod with my blackberry and a male-male stereo 1/8" (3.5mm) audio cable, and it started doing this weird thing...

    The Pearl first recognized that the cable was connected as normal and diverted sound from the internal speaker, when only one end of the cable was plugged into the BB.... However, when I plugged the other end into the Auxiliary jack it went back to playing through the speakers as if there was nothing plugged in.

    I then tested the audio jack on the Blackberry with the headphone/microphone that comes with the phone, and with a normal headset and it works fine.

    I also tested the modded audio jack on the CD player with a laptop's headphone output and the exact same male-male audio cable, and it worked perfectly...

    I've never had any problems like this before, and I've even used the same audio cable with my BB and another car CD player's audio input jack and it worked fine...

    Any thoughts on what the issue might be??? Has anyone else had any similar problems??
    03-18-10 07:57 PM
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    might be a silly question... but when both ends of the cable are connected and the audio track is playing, press menu>activate headset. I use my pearl as an MP3 player at work, and headphones seem to activate automatically but the 1/8" to RCA cable I use at work doesn't automatically connect. I have to select "activate headset" every time. Hope this helps, its the only thing I can think of!
    03-20-10 08:29 AM
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    thanks for the response, but I already tried this... after more testing the problem seems to get even weirder: now i've discovered that when I have the audio cable plugged in to the cd player with the player off, i.e. with no power to it whatsoever, then the blackberry recognizes the audio cable... however, as soon as I power up the cd player is when it stops recognizing it???
    03-20-10 08:44 AM
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    bump... anyone else know anything about this???
    03-25-10 07:05 AM
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    03-31-10 09:35 AM