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    I saw a blog entry on CrackBerry announcing a new line of chargers being offerred for the Storm and bought a package consisting of one car charger and one wall charger for $25.00. I can't remember the supplier name but the actual chargers (Made in China) are labelled "Cellet" and have retractable cords. Anyway, I have charged my Storm every night since getting it on 11/21 using the charger that came with it. I have had no problems whatsoever. I was traveling the last few days and packed the new Cellet wall charger for use in the hotel. As usual, just before retiring for the night I plugged my Storm into the charger and hit the sack. I awoke to a completely DEAD Storm! The LED was burning red but I could not turn the power the phone up, either on or off the charger. I tried a battery pull to no avail. Fortunately I was within my "Worry Free" replacement period and was able to find a Verizon store in the area I was traveling and they issued a replacement (brand new). In the end, I got a better overall unit with regard to the screen click performance and all is well. I just wanted to get word out that there is a potential problem with this particular line of chargers. In fairness, I have not (nor will I) tried the car charger - I am afraid to!
    I have looked for the original blog announcing the introduction of these chargers but can't find it. I have also tried to find the chargers in the accessories pages but I can't seem to find them. Could it be that others had problems and they were removed from this site? I am new to CrackBerry (and BlackBerry) but relied heavily on the credibility of this site's recommendation of suitability (implied by the blog announcement). Is my assumption that anything officially publicized on this site is reliable a fair assumption? I do not mean to imply in any way that CrackBerry is at fault - I made the purchase decision myself. I no longer have my receipt or packaging so a return is out of the question - just don't want others to repeat my experience!
    01-04-09 03:06 PM