1. garpt's Avatar
    I bought Slingbox in December for the primary use of streaming TV and getting placeshift/ DVR function on my Torch. Found out after I purchased it that Slingbox does not support OS6, and probably never will. It kinda worked OK anyway, with some "tricks", such as turning it to landscape before starting it, and other quirks. With the first OS update and a firmware update, it stopped working. For those who want a slingbox, place-shifting type device that WORKS with OS6, and better all around than slingbox (AND a lot cheaper WITH DVR capability!) check out the Vulkano line of DVR and streaming only devices from Monsoon- WAY cool- Live phone support is free and awesome as well. Didn't work at first, and discovered it was because I had a leaked version of the OS that was not yet supported. AND the BB App is FREE!, not the $30. ripoff with Slingbox. Got the one with SD slot and Sata inputs for external hard drives for $99 at buy.com. Wi-Fi built in as well, no additional $$ adapter.
    Check them out at Monsoon Multimedia Vulkano - Watch and control your TV from anywhere (I do not have any interest in Monsoon products other than I am really pissed at Slingbox for their prices and poor support....)
    04-06-11 05:13 PM
  2. CardinalRule's Avatar
    I was about to post a thread about this media player and your thread popped up so I figured I'd revive it rather than start a new one.

    I have a VZW BB 9650 and have been seriously contemplating buying one of these devices to stream TV - but when looking for the app in the BB App World I can't seem to find it. I type "Vulkano" and nothing comes up. How were you able to locate it?

    I want to make sure this is still compatible with my phone before I spend the money on it.


    07-21-11 11:45 AM
  3. essjayjay's Avatar
    I'm trying to get an answer to the same question. The Vulkano is advertised as being compatible with Blackberry, but I can't find a Vulkano app for my Bold 9650. I also cannot find an app for the Playbook.

    Does anyone know whether Vulkano can be used on either of these devices?
    12-16-11 07:10 AM