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    I have had a VM-605 Blackberry Speakerphone for about a month now. It was originally paired with my BB 8830. It worked fine; calls worked well as did the FM Transmitter for Music or Stereo calls.

    I recently upgraded to a BB Tour. At first it paired fine. Then during playback of music there was a "playback error" - shown on phone in BB Media. Since then, I have had an issue with the device.

    Now when I place a call, after confirming the party I am calling, the device immediately states"Call Ended". The call still goes through. At the end of the call, I now have to hang up manually via the BB Tour. I cannot hang up with the device and it does not say "Call Ended" at the end of a call.

    Also, when I receive a call, it announces the number and then immediately announces "Call Ended" and disconnects the call.

    Any one else run into this? Is this unique? Any help here would be most appreciated.

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