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    Is there any way to increase the strength of the vibration short of exchanging for a new handset? I work in a factory and having it on anything other than vibrate only is a drain on battery, but in an Otterbox Defender case it's impossible to detect any vibrate alerts. I just got done unruffling some feathers from missed calls; I'd like to pick up as it's ringing and avoid ruffling them again. Smoke signals are totally out as that would be a fire hazard here :P
    Anyone know of a dust-proof case that encloses as well as the Defender series and is belt-clippable, and cand still detect the vib alerts? I installed .428 hoping that would help, as I'd heard a couple times that it's software-modified. Corrected other things but not the vib strength lol

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    01-27-10 06:18 PM