08-12-09 12:32 PM
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  1. klebron23's Avatar
    I got the Red OEM one off of eBay for $5 adds barely anything to the size of the phone and still fits in my pocket great! I love it!
    08-09-09 05:20 PM
  2. BorderGirl's Avatar
    I got the white one from Verizon (only color they had at this store) two days after I got the phone. I really like the added protection it offers while I figure out if I want to keep the phone or not. No problem with typing and it doesn't cover the LED light.
    08-09-09 07:19 PM
  3. casperwhiteboy's Avatar
    I bought it yesterday. It's a nice feel but, very bulky.
    I agree totally. I went back and bought the BB silicone case.
    08-09-09 10:04 PM
  4. RazorV's Avatar
    Went to my Verizon dealer today and they said Verizon does not make a silicon case for the Tour - go figure - what ID-10-T's! They only silicon case they had was the Blackberry one - way too thin to protect the tour in an accidental drop and check this out $20 for that thing. What a joke this shop is. I'll have to find another shop i guess.
    08-12-09 12:05 PM
  5. Discoverdubs's Avatar
    way to bulky
    08-12-09 12:32 PM
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