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    Hi all,

    I ordered three Vaja cases about a month ago, one for my 9900, my wife's 9780, and my iPad. This post will focus on the one for my wife.

    The case is the violation Top SP from Vaja, with custom colors selected by my wife. The order took exactly 29 days from the day it was placed until DHL arrived at our apartment in Dubai. There was no notification from Vaja on shipment, or status of order after the initial confirmation order.

    All three boxes arrived in reasonable shape, given the distance traveled (awesome carbon footprint, no doubt - but hey).

    I do have to apologies about the quality of the photos. I could have done better in terms of lighting to get better depth of field, and put it on a more appropriate surface to photograph on but hey It is what it is. Additionally, I have more photos but posts are limited to 10 so yeah.

    Like christmas!

    Here's the packaging for the 9780. It's a bit meh, but whatever. Feels a little over designed without feeling thorough.

    The box itself only contains the case, and nothing else. Other reviews I've seen come with instructions and promotional materials. Not that the case particularly needs instructions, so it's not a big deal.

    And here it is.

    An interesting note the pink strip down the center of the case has been masked, and the white painted over the pink. You can see minor imperfections in the masking line, but theyre likely due to the texture of the leather itself, and is only noticeable on very close inspection.

    The quality of the materials are superb. It really feels great to the touch.

    The quality of the construction itself is great and at least looks hand done as advertised. Everything is as expected for the price of the case.

    The installation of the phone is simple enough, and slides in from the top. Its an appropriately snug fit. Once the phone is install completely, it feels very secure with no movement or wiggle in the case.

    Access to the necessary elements of the phone are good when the case is fully closed, and while it does add some bulk to the overall phone, its surprisingly minimal, and as I said before, feels very nice in the hand. The texture of the leather offers a good non-slip surface for putting on surfaces.

    The back.

    All in all, Im impressed and feel like the money and wait was worth it. My wife is over the moon about the case as well, and I havent once been called by her purse since :P.

    Ill be happy to answer any specific questions, but hopefully this photo review will be of use to someone out there.

    Ill be reviewing the Vaja Silver case for the 9900 soon as well for those interested in that.

    10-28-11 01:55 PM