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    Hi - I am noticing that the BB 8700C USB cable does not fully work with the BB 9000 (Bold). When plugged in, it seems to charge the BB 9000 but syncing seems intermittent..when I use the BB9000 sync cable, my BB desktop manager immediately recognizes the BB 9000 and syncs up fine.

    Does anyone know if the wiring setup is different in the BB9000 vs earlier BBs?

    Just wondering,


    11-24-08 09:17 AM
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    If you are plugging it into a USB port, the wiring cannot be different. There's only one USB standard. It's possible you have a cable that's intermittently bad. Also, are you using the same USB port when you change cables? While there is one USB standard, it's also well documented that not all USB ports comply with the standard and it's not unusual to find one USB port on a computer that won't charge a BlackBerry, while a different USB port on the same computer will charge it.
    11-24-08 01:37 PM
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    Culprits would be a cable or USB port or driver issue. Considering it works consistently with the bb9000 cable, that basically rules out a USB port or driver issue.

    So yeah the issue is the old cable as stated above (the wiring is not different).
    11-24-08 01:39 PM
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    It could very well still be the USB port...on the device, though. This is the same reason why Motorola sync cables don't work with the Blackberries and vice versa. The power wire is the same for charging, but the data wires seem to be switched. Mostly, the difference in ports is whether they are powered or not, or whether they are connected directly to the board, or connected to a hub.

    My sync cable from my 8310 works just fine to sync and charge my Bold, but if I try to use a USB cable from my Tilt (AT&T 8925), I can charge but not sync as well.

    Check this webpage, it shows a pinout for the USB mini standard. It shows the fourth pin as a possible device detector, or no contact. Could be the issue.

    mini-USB connector pinout and signals @ pinouts.ru
    11-24-08 02:47 PM
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    Just need some reassurance before I do this. I gather that from previous post that usb charging is ok with any usb cable but syncing is not due to terminal variability. If I were to grab any mini-usb to usb to charge my phone (I forgot charger at home and I'm on business trip), this would be ok and it wouldn't damage any internal components on bold? Voltages will be the same? Thanks

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    11-27-08 05:04 PM
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    Using a USB-miniUSB cable will not harm your bold. Depending on the USB port on the pc, it may not charge your phone. As discussed above, not all pc USB ports are fully compliant with the standard. But if the phone does not charge, it will not be harmed.

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    11-27-08 11:13 PM