1. Tarrant1701's Avatar
    I have the BB desktop charging cradle for use with my Storm. I've got it connected to the USB port of my PC. When the PC is on, the Storm charges with no problem and I can transfer data / use the desktop manager.

    However, when the PC is in standby mode or shut down, the Storm stops charging. Yet, the USB port is drawing power b/c the white light on the cradle itself is still illuminated. [For the PC techies out there, I do have +5V USB bus power jumpered on my motherboard, so that it is supplying USB power even with the computer "off."]

    Has anyone figured out a way to get the Storm to charge when the PC is off or in standby mode?

    I'd hate to manually unplug the USB cable from the PB just to plug the USB charger into cradle...
    12-09-08 08:21 AM
  2. mikells43's Avatar
    what you need to do is buy yourself a powered usb hub. i have 2 that i use with my laptop. i connected them to each other so that they use only one plug to plug into my puter. that way al my devices on the hubs are powered cause the hubs are directly plugged into the wall so they are powered 24/7/365. i dont sink my bb all the time like u. i charge it on the travel charger cause its faster.

    if u want that prob to stop then dont use stanby on ur puter. my puter is never off. or buy a powered usb hub

    heres one on ebay for 9 bucks with free shipping.

    Blue High-Speed USB 2.0 7-Port HUB Powered+AC Adapter - eBay (item 120347242635 end time Dec-09-08 22:59:37 PST)
    12-10-08 12:47 AM
  3. Tarrant1701's Avatar
    No go.

    I plugged the cradle into a POWERED Adaptec 7 port USB hub, which was plugged into a laptop.

    With the laptop OFF, and the USB hub still "on" with its own power source, the cradle didn't even light up and the phone didn't charge.

    Have you tested it with your setup, with your laptop OFF, and does it work?
    12-10-08 05:24 AM